Are You Ashamed of The Sins You Committed After Salvation?

Our mind is like a computer.  Everything right or wrong is stored in our brain.  It even stores our conscience.  Whatever you have done wrong, your conscience will keep on reminding you of the sin/s that you committed.

The more faithful you are the Jesus, the greater pain you will feel in your heart when you do wrong.  Often, when we first get saved, we have a passion for Jesus.  We minister to other people about the Lord and we ask God to guide us in his direction. However, we all have a sin inside of our lives that causes us to slip and fall at times.  We often feel powerless against it. 

Satan knows how to put temptation in front of you and try to get you to fall.  It is during these times that we need Jesus the most.

If you feel ashamed of what you have done in your past, you are not alone.  Every Christian believer will reach a point in their lives and wonder why they committed sinful acts after being saved.  It is often hard to imagine yourself sinning after you promised the Lord that you were through with sin and now wanting to follow him.

You may have received Jesus Christ as you savior at the age of 12 and then as an adult, you began following the lusts of your flesh. Perhaps you hungered for money and power.  You decided that you wanted to get large sums of money and started to rob people and sell drugs.  Each time that you committed the sinful act, you felt ashamed, guilty and angry at yourself. However, each time you got exactly what you wanted from your wicked deeds and kept on doing it. 

Now in your 40’s, you feel ashamed at what you had done because you repented of your sins.  This happens all to often.  Many times, you will see great men of God fall.  Great televangelists like Jim Bakker and Jimmy Swaggart feel into sin in the eyes of the public.  A person may ask, “How could they have fallen into sin when they knew Jesus and know right from wrong?”  Honestly, the flesh often falls weak and its during these times that we are most vulnerable to sin. 

The reason why we fall is because we are dealing with an emotion that won’t leave us alone.  What we lust after tends to hound us day and night.  Satan uses his influences to work against us.  Satan tries to trap us and throw temptations at us that are too much to withstand. Only through trial and error can we fight off these temptations for the next time.  The good news is that Jesus is quick to forgive. 

Being a Christian doesn’t mean that we have a one-shot deal with forgiveness. It doesn’t mean that Jesus will only forgive us the first time out. Being a Christian means that Jesus will forgive us every time that we sin. You cannot earn God’s forgiveness. The Holy Bible teaches us that Jesus Christ died on the cross for your sins. It’s his blood that forgives your sins.

What If You Are Living in Sin?

If you choose to live in sin, your relationship with God is going to be put on hold. This means that you are not able to pray or read the Bible. You will feel guilty and condemned every single time that you look at God’s word because you will know that you are living in sin. There is a big difference with living in sin and committing a sin. Let’s get into the difference.

Let us say that you are a man that wakes up every day with the idea in mind that you want to sneak out of the house at night and visit a prostitute as your wife sleeps.  You are ashamed of what you are doing and know that your wife would most likely file for divorce if she found out. Worse yet, you know that Jesus is not happy with your actions. However, despite this, you keep on sneaking out of the house even knowing this information. Eventually, this sin becomes a habit and you begin to get into the habit of thinking that I can just tell Jesus I am sorry for what I have done and yet keep on doing the same wrong thing. 

Eventually, you become comfortable in this sin.  You keep on saying to Jesus, “I am sorry for what I have done and won’t do it anymore.”  However, your mind is also thinking that you will do it again because its to hard to stop.  You are in a state of a reprobate mind and in a state of disrespecting God, your wife and your faith.  This will eventually destroy the soul of the person that is committing these types of acts. 

If this sounds like you, its time to repent.  Get rid of the shame and ask Jesus for forgiveness. Wouldn’t it be nice to sit down and read the Bible again without having to feel guilty about sinning against your wife?  You can feel free by just fighting against your fleshly desires and instead following God’s word.  

You Will Live with Guilt for the Rest of Your Life

Once you have repented of your sin, you will often be reminded of what you have done wrong.  The more wrong that you do, the greater shame that you will feel. It’s hard to look back on your life and realize that you disappointed God and didn’t do right. However, know that once you repent, God becomes pleased with you. 

Satan wants to be a constant reminder to us that we are guilty.  He is the accuser and will keep on telling God that we deserve to be sent into hell for our sins. However, its through Jesus Christ that we are saved and stay out of the fires of hell. 

If you feel shame for what you have done, known that you must repent. Even if you have been a Christian for years and have fallen into sin, you must repent and tell God that you are sorry for what you have done. 

Your flesh is a battle against you trying to follow Christ.  It will always throw temptation at you and sometimes make you feel like its to overwhelming to change. However, you can do it.  It’s important for you to repent because when you are following God’s word, you get to grow closer to him. If you don’t repent, you can’t grow closer to God. Your shame and guilt will make you see that God is not pleased at what you are doing. 

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