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Do you have a prayer request or a question that you would like to ask Prophet Stephen?  Please fill out the form below with your request.  If you want to learn more about Prophet Stephen, please read below.  God bless you in Jesus name and thank you for visiting  Prophetic words are free of charge.  If you would like to support Stephen in his prophetic work, please use the “THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING OUR PROPHETIC WORK” button.  We thank you for your love and support for keeping our ministry going.

Christians and non-Christians seek out the prophetic word from a prophet every single year. was created so that you could have access to a prophetic minister that has given thousands of prophetic words throughout his lifetime. Prophet Stephen receives calls every single day from men and women that need prophetic advice.  In today’s world, most people have questions about their love life, spirituality and career.  Prophet Stephen answers these types of questions and many more each day.

Stephen gives prophetic words by phone and writes books and articles for your spiritual nourishment.  He also creates teaching videos and prophetic messages. We invite you to join our newsletter so that you can get up to date information on new happenings here at Please help spread the word by liking us on your Facebook and Twitter pages.  Our goal is to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to people that are hurting.

Stephen became a born again Christian at the age of 13.  He received Jesus Christ as his Lord and savior at an early age. As a child, he spent many hours a day reading the Bible and praying to God.  He felt a calling to the prophetic ministry at the age of 15. When he prayed for people, he would often receive prophetic messages for people that he was praying for.

During Stephen’s walk with Jesus, he felt the Lord calling him to become a full time prophetic minister.  Today, he gives thousands of prophetic words to people from all walks of life. The prophetic word is powerful and many people are seeking out the counsel of prophets.

Stephen has spent years perfecting his prophetic gift. Today, he is a mature prophet that sees into the spirit world.  He receives messages that are accurate. When people call Stephen, they want to know what is going to happen in their future. Stephen can also see into the past and present as well. Stephen has a special prophetic gift that most people do not understand. However, he uses it to serve the Lord.

Throughout the ages, God gives spiritual gifts to all his children.  We are called to use our spiritual gifts to help our fellow brother or sister in the Lord. When your spiritual gift becomes a full-time job, then you must find a way to survive.

Stephen has found that most people today are seeking out the counsel of prophets worldwide.  Many people feel called to the prophetic ministry. Some prophets are only part time and cannot give their full-time attention to people.  Stephen gives all his time to the prophetic ministry.  He has found that people want to seek him out to get spiritual advice.

Is A Prophetic Word Right for You?

If you are thinking about getting a prophetic word with Stephen, please pray about it.  If the Lord guides you to Stephen, then we invite you to call.  The prophetic word is meant to give you guidance, hope and the knowing that Jesus Christ has direction for your life.

Can You Hear from God on Your Own?

Yes, you should be able to hear from God on your own.  When you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, he speaks to you.  It is hard to say why you can or can’t hear from God.  When men and women call to speak to Stephen, they often say that they cannot hear from the Lord on their own.  They count on Stephen to help them to decipher what is coming from God and what is not.

Stephen has found that most people call him when they have hit rock bottom in their life.  Unfortunately, people often wait until they have exhausted all attempts at solving their problem on their own. When they have run out of options, they call him.  If this helps a person to get their problem solved, then Angelic is happy to help.

All ministry takes time.  When someone is a full time prophetic minister, they spend their days ministering to people. Stephen often ministers to over 10 people a day.  For him to survive, he must get paid for his work.

Many Christians fail to recognize how much time it takes to develop a prophetic gift.  The pressure and stress of the prophetic ministry is intense. Satan attacks the Lord’s prophets every single day. Please pray for Angelic as he prays for you.

The internet allows people to easily connect with prophetic ministers.  Before the internet became of age, people didn’t know who prophets were or where they would be found.  Today, prophets are popping up all over the place. Many are giving prophetic words to people that need spiritual care.  Praise God that we have prophets willing to use their gift to heal the hearts of the hurting.

If you believe that you need prophetic ministry in your life, then ask God to lead you to someone that can give you a prophetic world. You may want help from Stephen or from another prophetic minister. Either way, pray and seek out God first.