About Us

We are a Bible Centered Prophetic Ministry

Prophet Stephen is the founder of propheticmeaning.com.  We are a born again, Bible believing website.  Stephen first began giving prophetic words to people when he was just 13 years old. He has been giving pastoral care, prophetic words and evangelizing people since 2004.  Our ministry is strictly online and we enjoy helping Christians that are struggling in their spiritual walk with Jesus Christ.

We believe that the prophetic word is useful in many situations for Christians.  Millions of Christians are struggling across the world with their personal relationship with Jesus Christ and other areas of their life.  We are living in a day in age where its hard to see God in our everyday situations.  Sometimes, you need a prophetic insight into your life to see that God is really speaking.

Since a young age, Stephen felt a calling to see prophecy for people.  This is a true prophetic gift that is a calling. Over the years, we have seen lives changed through Stephen’s ministry. We hope that we can help you today.  Our ministry is online and we do prophetic words via phone and email.

When Stephen first started to use his gift, he saw many Christians hurt and feeling abandoned by God.  He saw that most Christians didn’t understand how the Lord works in mysterious ways.  Most people that are born again often wonder why God allows some things to happen in their life.  Stephen has seen people lose their faith because they didn’t have any Christian helping them to “see the light”.  Stephen’s prophetic words have touched thousands of people all over the web.  The internet allows Stephen to touch thousands of souls.

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