Did Prophets Ever Get Angry in the Bible?

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Anger is an emotion that everyone gets from time to time. How we express that anger makes all the difference in the world.  Have you ever been around someone that has explosive anger? They will sit there and start screaming. Perhaps you have walked out of the room when someone got to angry.  People often feel angry on their jobs and while hanging around someone that they may or may not like.

God teaches us how to handle our anger properly.  The Bible teaches us in Romans 12:19 to not try to punish someone when they do something to you that you don’t like.  Don’t punish them in your anger. Instead, allow the Lord to punish those that have wronged you in his own time and way.  In James 1:19-20, the Bible says to be slow to becoming angry. The verses tell us to be a better listener.  We shouldn’t speak so much and instead hear what someone else is saying to us. In this world, it is easy to become angry.  Someone may be telling lies about you on social media.  People at work may have their “clicks” and leave you out.  There is a love of romantic cheating going on these days in relationships.  Deception and suffering is at an all-time high in the USA.  It’s best to not allow yourself to get angry about it.

Today, we often hear about people getting angry over the rich suppressing the poor. This is nothing new because it has happened before, and it will happen again. In Nehemiah 5:6, we read about Nehemiah’s anger.  He felt that there was injustice being given to the poor.  The rich were ruling over the poor.  Today, we see protests nationwide because the rich are not giving fair wages to the poor. Instead, many rich are choosing to keep millions/billions of dollars in the bank and live their lives in luxury.

In Mark 3:1-5, we see Jesus became angry when he saw the Pharisees allowing the temple to become a market place.  Imagine seeing religious merchandise being sold in the house of God.  This is something that Jesus was against and showed a public demonstration of his anger.

As servants of God, we often get angry when we see the “people of this world” breaking God’s commandments.  Today, there is a great rise of immorality in the world that we live in.  It’s hard to imagine things getting any better. However, Christians must hold onto their faith and God.  One must realize that the wicked will not get away with sinning forever.  There will be a final judgement when Jesus returns.

James 1:20 says that anger doesn’t produce righteousness that God desires.  Don’t you find this to be true even if the Bible didn’t say it.  When people throw anger fits, everyone around them gets upset. It’s hard to speak to someone that is angry.  We all listen best when we are calm.