Why Are You Blaming God for Your Failed Business When Its Really Satan?

Is Satan Attacking You?

Human beings have the habit of blaming God when something goes wrong in their life.  Many people feel that it’s God’s fault when something is not going their way.  Here are a few tips and suggestions when it comes to understanding who is really to blame for your loss.

Many business owners face moments in which their business is not doing well.  They often ask themselves, “Why are things so bad?”  You may be asking yourself, “What did I do wrong?”  These are words that millions of people say each day.  The fact is that God will provide for your needs as he sees fit.  It is also impossible for God to do evil.  Satan is a deceiver and wants you to hate God. He told God that he would get Job to curse him to his face (Job 1:12).

When we lose, we want to get angry at God.  Our human instinct is to blame God because we feel that he is supposed to be our protector. However, our will is often not God’s will.  God allows something to happen in our life because he knows that it will be good for us. We often can’t see the “light” in God’s plans.  Satan caused Job to lose all that he had to prove a point.  He wanted to prove to God that man could not be faithful to him.  Satan wanted to prove that man is only loyal or loving towards God when he gives them success.  In many ways, Satan is right.  Most people do turn their backs on God when put through a test. Very few people on earth could ever withstand the full faith test of Job. Most people are ready to turn their back on God when they reach a level of frustration. It takes great faith in God to know that he will never allow something to happen to you that is outside of his will.

As Christians, its necessary to check your faith in God when you are presented with a business failure.  If our business is not working for us, it’s important to not spend on anything that you don’t need. During these moments, we must accept what God has given to us and keep on working hard.  You may have to work on your advertising and marketing.  You may need to change directions in the course of what you are doing.