The Sin of Jealousy is a Big Problem in the United States Today

Who or What are You Jealous Of?

Jealousy is a natural emotion that a lot of people have in the world today.  People that often get jealous say that they want to have something that they see as being appealing to themselves. There are certain things that will appeal to you and certain things that will not.

Many people today suffer from being jealous of another person’s appearance.  Someone may say to themselves, “I wish that I could be that handsome/pretty.”  Some men and women envy this so much that they begin having plastic surgery to look like another person.  Most people that start the process of plastic surgery begin to get addicted to it.  First, it’s a facelift and then it’s a tummy tuck.  There are all kinds of cosmetic surgeries.  Christians should be aware that jealousy is not something that God wants us to have in our lives (James 4:2-3).

Do you envy your fellow brother or sister in Christ for what they have?  We often see protests on television in which people think that the 1% of Americans that they see on television are given more than everyone else in society.  However, we must never think this way.  God is the one that gives to each person what he desires. We cannot tell God how to run the world or whom to give good gifts to.  Sometimes you have something that nobody else does.  For instance, many rich people wish that they had long life in them.   A lot of rich people don’t see their 70th birthday. Many poor elderly people in their 90’s is sitting around sewing and having many grandchildren. Their blessing was long life and having many grandchildren.  Blessings come to us when least expected.

In Genesis 4:8, we read that Cain killed his brother Abel because he was jealous of him.  Jealousy can drive a person to kill or harm another person. It is a real emotion that a lot of people have today.  When we watch something on television or the internet, we often desire it if it appeals to us.  Television shows often make something so appealing to look at.  When we see the Kardashians on television, they look like they are “living the good life”.  However, none of them are born again and therefore cannot receive salvation.  The Bible says that we must be born again ((John 3:3-7).  Besides salvation, you must look at your own knowledge about living in sin. As you grow closer to Jesus, you begin to see the “people of this world” as lost and unhappy.  Eventually, your riches will not make you happy anymore.  As you grow older in life, you come to realize that friends and love are the only things that really matter.  Without God, these things are not possible.