The Many Stages of Sin and How It Takes Hold of Your Spirit

At one time in my life, I had no idea what sin even was.

Below is a list of ways in which sinful acts starts to grow in a person.  

Selfishness – You want to act out on what you know to be against the will of God.

Attraction – You Can’t help whom/what you are attracted to, but you can control if you act out on that attraction.

Lust – The devil will tempt you, but God will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you can handle.

Disobedience – You chose to go against God because you chose your own sin over God’s word and will.

Living for self – When a person decides to live for their own desires and not for the kingdom of God.

Lies – Satan will lie to you about what you are doing. He will try to convince you of what you are doing is okay.

Loneliness – You feel alone and therefore want to find someone to spend time with and to love you. You even resort to sin to avoid being alone.

Self-Pleasure – You choose to do your own will instead of God’s.

Generational Patterns – You commit the same sins as your fathers did.

Love of Self – Your desires are more important to you then obeying God.

Failure to Repent

Failure to Resist the Devil – You give into your own lusts and not God’s will.

Anger at God for Allowing You to Have a Problem to Begin With

Failure to Change – You want to stop being born again and go back into pleasing your flesh and not God.  This grieves the Holy Spirit. You cannot love to masters.  You must love one and hate the other.  You must follow the lusts of the flesh or Jesus Christ and the word of God.

Sneaky Behaviors – Let’s see what I can get away with when nobody is looking.  This opens doors for bigger sins to enter your life.

Not Caring for Fellow Brother or Sister – I will do whatever I feel like because it pleases me.  Self-love is Satanic because a person will do anything to get what they want.

Let Downs – Being angry at God when things don’t go your way.  Accepting his will when your way is not his.  Rebellion against God is not fully accepting his plan for your life.

Acting Out on Your Own Desires – At some point, you decided to willingly follow the lusts of your flesh and turn away from God.  In return, your personal relationship with Jesus Christ suffers.  The lust of the flesh can often be overwhelming.  However, with Jesus, you can deny yourself.

Following False Teachers – The media often gives a pretty picture to be “who you are”.  This is not God’s way.  This is not the way to being born again.

Questioning God’s Forgiveness – Can Jesus forgive me that easily?  It’s important to work sin out of your life.  Once you have full repented, you may ask yourself, “How could I ever have sinned so badly?”  This means that you have become awakened to your sins and God has forgiven you.  You can’t take back what you did.  You can only move forward and learn what not to do again.  Jesus is with you.

Stop Experimenting – There is only God’s way and Satan’s way.  Which side are you on?

Leaving All Behind for Jesus – When you repent, you leave everything behind. You now become a new creature in Jesus.  Your Old ways are now gone. Rejoice when a sinful brother and sister repents.

Feeling Lost – At points in life, you often feel lost. Perhaps you were rejected or felt rejected.  This causes one to feel like they can’t fit in with other people.  Therefore, people tend to seek out other people to fit in with.  A lot of the time, this means that people will hang around sinful people to feel accepted. As they say, “misery loves company”.

No Born Again Christian Friends – You must have a brother or sister in Christ that you confess your sins to.  Living in secret only allows Satan to grab a hold of your heart.

Defeating Satan – When you finally repent, you will see that freedom is so much better than living in sin.

A person is not acting like a Christian when they are living for themselves and not for God.  Repentance is hard because it takes a full commitment to live for Jesus and not for your own personal fleshly wanting.  Being born again means that you will do things God’s way and not your own.  You can be free in Christ if you ever leave your sins and fleshly wanting behind you.  In this way, you are pleasing God.

Knowing scripture well will keep your heart being submissive before God.  You will do as he asks of you. When you finally do repent, you must not feel guilt. Jesus saved you from your sins.  Instead, look at your sins as a lesson learned and know that it’s not good to keep on entertaining anything sinful.  Repentance is putting Jesus first and yourself second. You must be willing to spend lots of time with Jesus each day to learn more about Jesus.

Sin feels good or else people wouldn’t do it.  However, this grieves the heart of the Lord.  Can you ever get your relationship back with God after you have sinned? The answer to this is yes!  There is nowhere in scripture where God says that he hates you so bad and wants nothing to do with you.  Those words come from Satan himself.