Is Your Mid Life Crisis Destroying Your Life?

When a man/woman reaches midlife, it becomes a challenge for them. Most people ask themselves if it’s even work talking about.  After all, you often can’t change your life circumstances without making extra effort.

Midlife should be a time in which you feel like your life is becoming more whole through the power of Jesus Christ. You have made it this far.  You have learned to live for God and now you must take on new challenges in your life. If you are in pain because of what someone has done to you, then perhaps it’s time to focus on forgiveness.  Many Christians don’t realize that they have unforgiveness left in their heart.  Many people have families that have hurt them and are estranged from their family during midlife. There is often a problem with most people that are searching for truth.  Truth is when a person confronts their issues with honesty.  The more truth that you confront in your life, the better things will be for you in the long run.

In midlife, you need to focus on what’s important now and not what was important 20 years ago.  The problem with people as they age is that they often remember things that happened 20 years ago. These things often bring sadness to the mind. This is because we often want to remember the negative things that happened to us in our lives. We often only remember a few happy moments.  Our brains often want to remember everything that we did right or wrong since birth.  We often want to hold onto past baggage that has hurt us.  Letting go and allowing God to heal those wounds is an important part of growing up in your Christian walk with God.  Allow God to heal those wounds through Bible study, prayer and worship.  You will find that God is not through with you no matter how old you are.  If you have the breath of life in you, the Lord has a purpose for your life.  Try to think less about those things that hold you back from living an abundant life in Christ.  Instead, think about the future and what the Lord may have in store for you.  Sometimes, our goals are not the same as the Lord’s. We must only look at God for answers and find the truth that we so desperately need on a day to day basis.  Examine your heart by journaling out your soul.  Write down on paper what you feel the Holy Spirit is saying to you.  Get to know yourself through your journaling.

It is also a good time to reinvent yourself.  Start a project that has a much higher purpose.  God has a plan and a purpose for your life and it’s up to you to go after it.  Praise God that he still cares for you and that you don’t have to walk through life alone. Walking with God is the only way to hope.