How to Walk Through Mid Life with Less Boredom

Mid Life Means Something Different For Every Person

Midlife is a time in which you prepare for your future.  Believe it or not, you have lived halfway through a normal person’s age limits on earth.  This often means that you must reinvent yourself.  Reinventing yourself means that you are going to make a list of the things that you have done already in your life and things that you hope to accomplish someday.  Midlife is more about forgiving yourself for the things that you have done that have hurt others. It’s about forgiving wrongful acts that have been done to you as well.  You will find more inner peace if you work through your obstacles at a mid-point in your life.

Many people ask themselves, “What is the point of my existence”.  This is a hard place to be for many people that are not saved through Jesus Christ.  If you sit back and think about life, you will probably ask important questions.  I find that Jesus is always with me. When you reach mid-point, you must ask yourself if you have accomplished all that God has asked you to do.  If not, try to find ways in which you can accomplish these tasks.  For many people, love is a tough battle for them.  You may be single and alone in midlife.  You may be asking yourself why life has turned out this way.  You may have to ask Jesus what his will is for you now.  For many, a suitable partner is not always available.  As we age, we lose our youthful attraction as when we were 20 years old.  We also live in a day and age where most people prefer living alone, but dating.  Most marriages end in divorce.  There is no guarantee that you are going to see changes with a partner in life.  It may be a good idea to put your excess energy into a career.  Perhaps you are not meant to be with someone in your life.  Many people spend their lives hoping and praying that Mr. or Mrs. Right will walk into their life.  This day often never happens.  As hard as it is to say, many people blow their chances at love because they are not willing to stick with someone through hard times.  Hard times can make you feel like you are hitting rock bottom and can’t take it anymore.  Most Americans have “the grass is greener on the other side” syndrome.  They have an argument and want to look for someone new each time.  Marriages today often fail because the two people in the marriage fail to get along.  Once the marriage/relationship is broken up, the couple often fails to find a new life partner that is a soulmate.  In midlife, one must look heavily at this.

To have less boredom, you are going to have to keep yourself constantly busy with work, exercise, leisure activities, talking to friends and spending time with Jesus.  Sitting around and thinking about your life is probably the worst thing that you can do.   Allow yourself to be of service to those that need you as well.