Did You Walk Your 10,000 Steps Today?

Did you take 10,000 steps today?

In our computerized society, we often forget how important walking is.  Most people sit down more than they walk daily.  Back in the 1980’s, I used to see people wearing walking pedometers.  These used to calculate how many steps you took in a day.  I recently bought one because I wanted to check how many steps I was taking per day.  On a day to day basis, I normally take only 2,500 steps a day because I have a desk job.  I was shocked by that number because I thought it was more like 6,000.  When I go home at night, I now do an additional 7,500 steps.  I simply turn my television on and walk in place.  Believe it or not, I get tired and I often find myself burning around 450 calories.  That isn’t bad since I’m not running around outside like I used to back in my 20’s.

As we get older, we have the tendency of wanting to sit down more.  We often feel like exercise is a waste of time.  However, I realize that exercise helps me to sleep better at night and makes me feel real tired.  Many 40 something year olds often complain about sleep.  They can’t relax enough to sleep eight hours a day.  This is understandable. I believe it’s because most people don’t exercise enough.  Most people’s diets eliminate green healthy plants.  I drink 2 cups of green juice daily with my diet.  I recently turned vegan and its working out great for me.  I am never hungry, and I am putting healthy food into my body.  I decided to do this because I know that as we get older, we all start to develop health problems on one level or another.  I am trying to avoid anything negative happening to me. Sometimes you can’t stop it.  However, I will do what I can to make myself as healthy as possible.

My pedometer was not expensive. I paid only $20.00 for it at Target.  It counts my calories and my daily walking.  Here is a cool video that I found online that talks about walking your 10,000 steps a day.