Were You Just Young and Stupid When You Made That Choice?

Are you sure you really didn't know what you were doing back then?

As we walk through life, we will regret a lot of the decisions that we made at one point in our lives. I often hear from people that are 30+ years old that they can’t be responsible for their life choices that were made when they were younger.  They often tell me, “I was just young and stupid when I did that.”  However, were you just young and stupid or are you now ashamed at what you have done and want others to not judge you?

I have lived through my teen years, 20’s, 30’s and now mid 40’s.  I can tell you that a lot of my life choices were not good.  I own my mistakes no matter what age I was an in return, I have a clean conscience. I asked for God’s forgiveness and repented of my sins.  The worst thing that a man or woman can do to themselves is to not own up to what they did wrong.  In fact, age has nothing to do with making wrong or right choices.  Psalm 51:5 teaches us that we were sinful even before our mother conceived us.   When you acknowledge that you are a sinner, you can easier understand how simple it is to fall into sin.  Many people that marry in their 20’s and then later divorce want to use the excuse that they didn’t know what they were doing at that time. However, they knew very well what they were doing.  They have a brain and made a choice.  When we vow anything to God, we must live up to our vows.  We cannot use an excuse to get us out of doing things our way.

No matter what age you are, you will always feel like you should have done something better.  People that fail to acknowledge their wrongdoings show that they are failing to repent and turn away from their sins.  Many people don’t want to acknowledge their past sins.  However, once we confess them to Jesus, we are forgiven.

The word stupid means that we did not show common sense or intelligence.  It is hard to believe that anyone can call themselves stupid because they had enough intelligence to commit the act in which they did.

The other day, I was watching a mother and her 4-year-old child at the café.  His mom said to not drink any soda while she goes to the restroom.  She even told the child’s father to not allow him to drink the can of Pepsi.  As soon as the mother entered the restroom, the kid grabbed the soda from his father’s side of the table and began drinking it.  He quickly slammed the soda down on the table and starting to laugh.  His father gave him a stern look and the child looked at him and started to giggle. The child knew that he had disobeyed his mom. He surely wasn’t stupid.

We are much like that child.  People often make life choices that have ending consequences.  We should always be examining our minds and hearts for truth.