Should You Feel Obligated to Spend Time with Your Family for Thanksgiving?

Who do you want to spend Thanksgiving with this year?

The holidays are finally here. It’s hard to believe that we are almost done with 2017.  Thanksgiving is in just a couple of weeks.  What should you be doing to prepare for the holiday? Many Christians are asking themselves, “Should I spend the Thanksgiving holiday with my family?”

Here is a short story about a woman that came to my prophetic ministry last Thanksgiving.  I shall call her name Amanda.

Amanda called me in November 12th last year and said, “Does God want me to spend time with my family on Thanksgiving?”  This is a question that I often get asked around the holiday.

She began crying to me on the phone saying, “When I was a child, my dad abused me sexually and my mother was dominating.  They made my life a living hell.  I almost killed myself, but gave my life to Jesus.” Amanda said that the holidays were the hardest for her because she had to keep on confronting the man that made her life horrible as a teenager.  Sitting around the Thanksgiving table with him was awkward.  He couldn’t look at her in the face because his guilt and shame were still inside of his soul.  Amanda was a born again Christian and her parents didn’t want to hear about Jesus.  She had a brother and sister that were not Christian either.  The whole family seemed to be rather angry when they came together.

I told Amanda that sitting with her parents around the table during Thanksgiving was to hurtful and she should avoid that at all costs.  We discussed that she had already forgiven her father inside of her heart.  Her family was not willing to give their lives to Jesus.   Her family issues were a constant reminder of how far she came from being an angry woman of this world.  Amanda agreed with me and said that she would not be going home for Thanksgiving last year.

Instead, Amanda got some people from the church to spend Thanksgiving with.  The Lord opened doors for her to spend the holiday with a born-again Christian that had love.

On Thanksgiving Day, Amanda realized that her old life was living in sin and being around sin.  Her new life in Christ meant that her true brothers and sisters were those that were saved by Jesus and who accepted salvation.

Every year I hear from people that are tired of being around family that only hurt them.  Christians should always pray for their family members that are not saved.  They should witness to them and have them hear the gospel.  However, when being around another person destroys your life repeatedly, it’s time to make a change and ask God for a better way.

I wish I could say that this step caused Amanda’s family to change.  However, they are still the same old parents that she always knew.  Her family is more separated because of their father’s unwillingness to repent of his sins.  This happens in everyday families across the world.