Does God Allow Some Christians to be Financially Poor for a Specific Reason?

The Poor Will Be Rich in Faith

We live in a world of financial uncertainty.  Most Christians are living paycheck to paycheck.  Many men and women are scratching their head and asking God why. If you open your Bible to the book of James 2:5, the scriptures tell us that God has allowed the poor to be rich in faith.   I want you to read that scripture at least 3 times until you fully absorb it.

The poor have nobody to rely on except for God.  They have no money to bail them out in times of trouble.  When the rent is due, they often pray to God and beg him to send a miracle.  Their faith is often strong because they depend upon God for food, water, shelter and clothing.

The rich are the opposite.  Rich people often call upon their money to pay their way through life.  They are often not rich in faith as Abraham and Job were from the Old Testament.  In fact, most rich people will have little to no faith that God will bail them out in times of trouble.

If you are always broke, you are either asking God to help you or living in complete misery saying, “Why me!  Why am I always so broke?”  You can either have faith in God or not.

I have realized that building a relationship with Jesus Christ and being born again requires a lot of faith.  One must truly spend their time reading the word of God and asking God for things in prayer.  When God answers your prayer because you prayed with the right intentions, your faith grows.

It is often hard to find a balance with money and faith.  Many televangelists that are now wealthy didn’t start off being financially rich.  They often built their ministries on faith, hope and obedience to Christ. However, once they started to receive lots of money, they started to lose honesty, trust in God and faith.

Joel Osteen was a pastor that I once admired.  He has one of the largest churches and ministries in America.  However, when he told Larry King that he didn’t believe that Jesus was the only way, it showed me what has happened to his heart.  It showed me that he doesn’t believe in salvation through Jesus Christ.  The Holy Bible teaches us that Jesus is the only way to salvation.  There is no other God but him.  Please read John 3:16 in the Old Testament.  Could it be that money has corrupted his soul into thinking this way?  If he were poor, perhaps his faith would be stronger, and he would spend more time reading the Holy Bible and agreeing with God’s word.

The Bible says that the love of money is the root of all evil 1 Timothy 6:10. When someone wants to make more money, they tend to want to please people more.  Those that please people often gain wealth because they are giving people what they want and would like to hear. Is it possible that this is how many wealthy evangelists get corrupted?