Are You Asking God to Make a Married Man Leave His Wife for You?

Do You Think God is Okay with You Dating a Married Man?

Lisa was a woman that attended a Catholic church back in 2002. She was a client of mine that couldn’t understand why her relationships never worked out.  Lisa told me that she was a Christian that wanted love, marriage and a life partner. Every relationship that she got herself into ended in a breakup. She was now 35 years old and had no partner.  Lisa finally hit rock bottom when she called me.

Our first conversation was about her feeling ashamed that she was dating a married man.  She told me that her first boyfriend was at age 13.  The relationship lasted only 2 months. He left her for another girl in her school.  After that, she had dated many men.  She told me that she thinks she dated 100+ men.  Her heart was clearly broken and a part of her didn’t want to live anymore. It was hard for her to think of living her life alone.

She said that the married man approached her and wanted a relationship. He promised her that he would leave his wife.  However, he never did and there were no plans for a divorce.  Lisa wanted to know what she should do. She told me, “I have been asking God to make him leave his wife for me.”

The first thing that I asked Lisa was if she was a saved Christian.  I asked her if she was born again?  The reason why I asked her this was because the Bible is clear on taking another woman’s husband.  The Bible says in Matthew 19:9, that adultery is wrong.  I said, without that scripture verse, your heart tells you that something is wrong. This is because God has already written the law on your heart (Romans 2:15).  I said, everyone knows when they are doing wrong.  I said the fact that you know, makes this even more wrong.  I told her that you cannot ask God to do something that is against his word and will.  When you pray with the wrong motives, God will not answer your prayer.

Even with the scriptures convicting her heart, she wanted to remain stubborn. She insisted that she loved this man and had to have a relationship with him. She believed that it was divine destiny and that somehow, this man didn’t love his wife and only married her because he felt obligated to do so.  I saw her desperation and new that she had to learn about her sins the hard way.  Unfortunately, she did not break up with him after we ended our prophetic session.  Instead, she continued that relationship for another 5 months.

After 5 months, Lisa called me back saying that he finally told her that he no longer wanted to be with her.  He was staying with his wife and decided to rekindle his relationship that he had started 15 years ago.

Lisa was devastated once again.  I encouraged her to do get a husband God’s way.  I wish I could tell you that Lisa changed her life and repented. However, she is still living in sin and is still single.  She is now 50 years old and lonelier than ever.  Lisa is growing bitter in life day to day because she is not obeying God. She is living for herself and not for Jesus Christ.