A New Reality for Christians Will Be Persecution in the Last Days

Are you prepared to meet Jesus Christ?

It is hard to imagine that someone would have so much hate inside of their heart to kill innocent men, women and children in the Baptist church that we saw over the weekend.  The gunman had no fear of God while opening fire on an entire church of people.  Devin Kelley was clearly a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

I have been a practicing Christian for nearly 30 years.  I remember hearing my neighbors and friends in the 1980’s says, “The world is starting to get bad.”  Today in the year 2017, I hear people say, “Things are getting so bad, I don’t know what is going to happen next.  It is like watching a movie!”  In just 20+ years, people have noticed a drastic change with their own fears about the end of times.

Jesus, the apostles, prophets and pastors have spoken of the last days.  The last days are a time of fear, wars, man becoming lovers of self and all kinds of evil.  This behavior is escalated on a much higher level than what the world has ever seen.  I believe that we are living in these days now.

Christians are being persecuted worldwide because of their faith and belief in Jesus Christ.  I praise God that I can suffer for his name.  It just reminds me that Jesus told us that this would happen to Christians.

As a Christian, it’s important to stay in fellowship with other Christians on a daily/weekly basis.  You should have at least one person that you confess your sins to and tell people what’s really going on in your life.  The gunman Devin Kelley was hiding some secrets from his family and fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.  If your heart becomes so cold as to want to kill someone, there is a lot of hatred going on inside of your heart.  Communication is key to getting yourself rid of guilt, shame and everyday problems.  When you have a friend that you can confide in, you begin to learn more about love.

There is a computer generation upon us right now.  Many people are choosing to make a computer gadget their friend.  When a person “pumps” violent action movies into their head and a lover of self-mentality, this is a problem.  We are seeing more violent attacks on a worldwide basis.  Just a few weeks ago, the world witnessed an attack in Las Vegas during a country music concert.

The New Testament tells us in 2 Timothy 1-5, that man will become lovers of pleasure instead of lovers of God.  I have never met a Christian that doesn’t think that the world has become in love with itself and angry at God.  The problem that I am seeing more on a regular basis is people not saying who they really are and what they are really feeling.  Instead, they are masking who they are at work, walking around outside, around friends and family.  I give prophetic words daily to men and women that call me.  Around 99% of the people that call me are angry at someone that they feel has crossed them.   My callers are usually women between the ages of 18 and 45 that have been cheated on and lied to.  Ten years ago, 90% of my callers were women.  In the year 2017, these statistics have changed. Now, I receive around 75% of my calls from straight women, 20% from homosexuals and 5% from straight men.

What I am hearing from Christians and non-Christians alike is that they are unhappy about the way that people are lying about them and to them in their dating/romantic relationships.  Most of the people that they are referring to is dates and lovers that come and go in their lives.  The #1 questions that I get asked in every prophetic word that I give is, “When is he going to call me?”  The fact that many men and women are dealing with loneliness is a clear indication of society taking a turn for the worst. Today, Christians and non-Christians alike are choosing not to marry.  Most relationships end in under 5 years.  After the relationship is over with, the man and woman are off to dating someone new.

Today, kids are dating younger than they did in previous generations.  Many children today start dating as young as 12 years old.  These boyfriend/girlfriend type relationships often end quickly for the young adults. This means more anger and “baggage” in the hearts of youth.  Today, many shootings are happening with young people between the ages of 18 and 30.  When you combine loneliness + breakups + violent television shows, you have a recipe for disaster.  Social media is often mean to people as well.  This also is causing rage in individuals around the world as well.

In the gospel of Luke 21:25-26, we read that there will be signs in the moon, stars and sun.  In 2013, a meteorite fell from the skies in Russia and injured 1,000+ people.  There have been other incidents such as a lightning bolt hitting the Vatican in 2013 as well.  This happened when the former Pope Benedict XVI resigned.  The world today is suffering from pain and sorrow.  Christians have a lot of work to do to save souls.  Most Christians today are not witnessing to people about Jesus as the Bible instructs them to do.

In 2 Peter 3:3-4, we read that people will become scoffers in the last day. They will walk around saying, “When is the son of God coming?  Things have been the same as they were since the world began.”  Christians often hear this from the men and women “of this world”.

Let us not forget about the brave act of pastor Hyeon-Soo Lim, who was held in North Korea for trying to witness for Jesus Christ.  I remember praying for him and asking God to release him from a lifetime sentence.  He was given the harshest sentence. It was more than others that received only 10 years in a forced labor camp.  Pastor Hyeon-Soo Lim was given life.  I believe it’s because he was a Christian.  Praise God that in August of 2017, he was released from prison.  Nobody knows why that happened. However, it’s amazing that he was given life imprisonment and then got released through the prayers of Christians around the world.  God freed him!  I see this as the same thing that happened to Peter in Acts 12.  An angel let him out of jail.  Nothing happens to Christians without God’s approval first.  When we think that God is not in control, may I remind you that he has all the power.

Today, the political system in the United States has created laws about sharing your faith on the job.  Your boss can fire you for witnessing to people about Jesus.  Christians must risk a lot today to witness for Jesus.  However, we all know that the devil himself is behind this and we need to always witness for Jesus Christ because a person’s soul is always at stake.  We must always be willing to share the story of Christ to those that are lost.

Satan is setting up the world to become a one world government that will be led by one world leader.  As the world moves forward, we are beginning to see how this is all going to be possible.  The internet connects the entire world together as one.  This was not possible during the 1980’s.  Today, we all find out what happens around the world in minutes.  In the book of Daniel 12:4, we read that knowledge will increase in the last days.  I remember having only books to read the 70’s and 80’s.  It took forever to find out about a topic.  Today, you can sit in front of your computer and research any topic. You can find the answers that you are looking for in seconds.

Today, we see many pastors trying to get Christians to follow the “prosperity gospel.”  The prosperity gospel is when a person believes that God is going to give them lots of money because they gave money to a church.  The Bible doesn’t say this.  In fact, the New Testament tells us to not worry about money because God provides for the birds of the air and all his creatures on earth.  The Lord cares much more for us.

I once tithed for three months.  I noticed that my finances did not increase at all.  In fact, they stayed the same. The miracle that I saw though was that God paid all my bills even though I was putting less money in my bank account.  I was surprised by that.  I was getting unexpected checks in the mail and people just giving me things that I was not expecting.  Tithing taught me to trust in God, but don’t expect it to be a good luck charm.  Allow God to give you what he wills.

As a Christian, it’s important not to allow your heart to grow cold towards God.  Always tell him what is on your mind.  If you are angry about something, talk to God about it. He is always listening to you.

The world is changing today and becoming a lot angrier than it was in previous generations.  Always know that God is with you even when it seems like he has abandoned you.