Why Is Your Boyfriend Not Texting You Back for Days on End?

I Texted Him Like Ten Times and Still No Response

Barbara was a client of mine that I had ministered to around two years ago.  She was the kind of person that was outspoken and needed romantic love desperately.  She would often call me to complain about her relationship.  Barbara often told me that her boyfriend didn’t respond to her text messages until days later.  She would sometimes text him on a Monday and would hear back from him on Friday.  Her relationship was a lot like we see today.  Many young women are complaining about their boyfriends not texting them back for days. They are often scratching their heads and saying, “Why are you not texting me back?”

As a prophetic minister, I must tell you that this problem is a lot worse than people often realize.  For starters, most men today don’t feel like they are leading the relationship. Most men are tired of feeling like the woman is being the “man” in the relationship.  Most of men that I speak to often feel like the woman is chasing them and not the other way around.

Men are hunters by nature and prefer to be the one leading the relationship.  Many Christian women today are taking up after the “women of this world” and their traits.  Today, many women are talking over men in such a way that they want to avoid spending time with them or even speaking with them.  In this day in age, many women have forgotten how to be a lady. This is sad because I see a lot of lonely women hungering for love from a man.

I don’t see this trend changing any time soon. The main reason is because there is a large feminist movement happening worldwide.  The more that women try to be the “man” in the relationship, the more the woman will feel alone.  Men that text a woman a lot tend to feel their feminine side coming out.  Most women that call me for a prophetic word often want to take over the conversation and start dumping their baggage on me.  They are not really calling for a prophetic word.  They are really calling to dump their problems on me and have a shoulder to cry on.  I see that they are not only doing this to me, but to their boyfriends as well.  Most men want to experience love from a woman more than anything else.  Men also want to oversee the relationship because they are a man.

Barbara is still single because she can’t see to allow the man to be the “man” in the relationship.  I foresee her always being alone because she can’t get the basics down.  She is already 45 years old.  Every man that comes into her life often leaves in only a few months.  If this sounds like you, you may need to ask the Lord how a woman should act around a man.  The Bible calls women to be submissive to the man (Colossians 3:18).