Why Are You Fighting Your True Feelings for Jesus?

Have You Tried Learning About Jesus Lately?

As you walk through life, you are going to be confronted with many different types of questions.  Sometimes, a person will say to you, “Do you know anything about Jesus or Christianity?”  At other times, you will have to witness to people that are not even seeking Jesus.

I once had to witness to someone that was not exactly Christian. They were a backslider.  I can tell you that they wanted to desperately know more about Jesus, but were too afraid to ask. I put myself out there and began talking to them about overcoming their sin through the power of the gospel.  I told that that reading the Holy Bible each day would bring them closer to Jesus Christ and allow them to see that they are not all alone in this world.

Sometimes we think that the world is coming against us. In these times, we need consistent prayer and fellowship with the Lord. We must tell him that we are hurting and in need of his guidance.  The Lord will always send people our way in times of need. If you are like me, you probably want to have fellowship with Jesus for many different reasons.  Once you are a saved Christian, your heart wants to reach out to the lost and those that don’t have anything to fall back on. When I started my prophetic ministry, I had no idea that I would be ministering to people from all walks of life and from around the world.  I had no idea that people wanted to get to know me to use my prophetic gifts.  Sometimes, you must put yourself out there and then people will know that you are serious about ministering to them.

The Holy Spirit has touched my life a lot over the years.  I can honestly tell you that Jesus is with me and I consider him to be my friend. I want you to know that there is freedom in Christ.  Jesus is the reason why repentance is necessary.  In life, you must take matters one step at a time.  To find your own fulfillment in Christ, you must make sure that you understand and know what the future has in store for you.  I like to think of life as being a growing season. We are often trying to find out what we want to do and where we are headed in life.  The spiritual dimensions of life teach us that we are not alone.  Each step that we take is a step with Jesus.  We don’t have to be afraid of the future.  We only must know that God is with us.  Even when we are feeling sad, we must know that Christ is by our side. Praise God for giving us a savior that easily forgives and helps us to learn about ourselves along the way.  Take each day as it comes to you and try to work on things that are troubling your mind and heart.