The Top Ways of Overcoming Drug and Alcohol Addiction

I Feel Like I Have No Hope Without Jesus

If you have ever been to a drug and alcohol rehab, you will know that they try and encourage you to have and practice faith.  Faith is what causes a person to stay sober. If you don’t have a higher power in which you believe in, your chances of staying sober are slim to none. The founder of Alcoholics Anonymous said it best.  He could not stay sober until he gave his life to Jesus Christ.  Without his faith, he said that he never would have been sober.  He spent many years of his life suffering from alcoholism.  Alcoholism is one of the toughest drugs to beat. It is easy to buy and often cheap. It’s shocking that its legal in the United States.

If you are struggling from a drug/alcohol problem, then it’s time to ask yourself why you are drinking to begin with. Besides having problems and issues that you are dealing with, your faith is weak. I never met an addict that felt their relationship with Jesus Christ was strong.  Often, I hear people saying that they are a Christian, but wonder if God loves them.  They are missing the fact that they must become born again.  Without being born again, one cannot know Jesus Christ for various reasons.  For starters, Jesus brings you to his heavenly father.  He lets you know that his love is here for you and that you have nothing to worry about because he is by your side.  If you are living in sin, Jesus corrects you.    Life is all about how much time you spend with Jesus. It is worth more than gold.  There is nothing better than knowing that you are loved by God. Once you have finally accepted this truth, you will become sober. You will want to stop drinking.  I believe that all addictions are hard to beat because the owner of the addiction often lacks in spiritual belief.

When a person feels down and out, they often wonder where God is.  Born again Christian believers know that Jesus is by their side. If you are a brother or sister in Christ that wants to help someone that is dealing with an addiction, give them the word of God. Make sure that they understand God’s love.  Once a person has accepted God’s love, he/she can finally sit back and watch their addiction leave their side.  There are ministries like Faith Farm ministries in Florida that help addicts to get sober with the love and power of Jesus Christ.  Most programs that have high success rates of people staying clean after rehab are those that teach gospel and bible based principles.  Most rehabs don’t focus on faith enough.  Without faith and love, you can accomplish nothing in this life. Only the love and power of Jesus Christ can help you along the way. Praise God that we have a savior that is there for us.  There is no greater power than Jesus Christ.