The Reasons Why Non-Christian Men See No Point in Getting Married

Why Can't I Find a Guy to Marry Me?

As a prophetic minister, I get calls from Christians and non-Christians alike that are seeking the prophetic word.  Most of my clients are women having questions about their failing love lives.  Men often call me to find out how they can improve in their business.

The main reasons why non-Christian men refuse to marry are listed below.  Christian and non-Christians alike should pay attention to these words because they are coming from real men that call into the ministry every single day.  It is estimated that 70% of men today do not want to get married.  They would rather live with a woman or simply live alone.

  • Men feel that too much can be taken away from them financially if they get married. Men will often lose 50% of all they own to the woman that they are married to in a divorce settlement.
  • Most women today are not submissive to their husband and instead want to act like the head of the household. It is in a man’s DNA to want to be the “man” of the house.  The feminist movement has taught women that it’s okay to say what’s on your mind and belittle her husband if necessary.
  • It is cheaper to take care of yourself and just pay child support for kids outside of marriage. The man doesn’t have to lose any of his assets in divorce or spend his entire paycheck on providing for her needs.
  • Weddings cost too much money. Most men prefer buying a home if they are going to spend $30,000 on a day of partying. Most men see no point in shelling out that kind of cash when it could be spent other ways.
  • Men get intimacy to easily today. He usually gets intimacy within 7 days of knowing a woman.  Once he has her, he often feels like his lust for her has diminished 50% or more.  It’s too easy to find another woman to sleep with you in today’s modern-day world.
  • Men like to take lots of freedom to spend time with their friends, work and hang out playing video games. Many men today feel that women need constant attention. When she doesn’t get it, she is unhappy and often unfulfilled.
  • Men know that at least 55% percent of marriages end in divorce. Divorces are messy and require lots of money being taken away from them.
  • Men often feel that it’s too hard to stay faithful to just one women. Vowing something to her means a lot to him. He doesn’t want to say one thing and then do another.
  • Most men have been cheated on by at least one women in their life before thinking about marriage. He fears that a spouse will cheat on him again.  It’s a lot harder to get a cheating woman out of your life that you are married to.