Dating a Christian Woman Today is No Easy Task for a Born-Again Believer

Are There Any Good Christian Men Out There?

As born-again Christians, we are called to serve God in all aspects of our lives.  If you are dating a woman that is not a born-again believer in Jesus, you are going to be unequally yoked.  Many men today are experiencing the pitfalls of dating and choosing the wrong woman to spend his time with.  Christian men are often misunderstood by the “women of this world” and should therefore date a woman that is into reading the Bible and working on her faith with Jesus.

It’s hard to find a Christian woman in today’s world because most of America considers themselves to be Christian and yet are living in sin.   As a born-again believer, it’s your duty to tell someone what your expectations are of them.  Let someone know what you are thinking and feeling.  Allow someone to tell you that they have a good relationship with Jesus.

As a man, you are expected to provide for your wife.  You are also expected to show the woman how to get closer to God.  You are to care for her as Christ cares for the church.  Love is hard these days because it has often grown so cold. It’s important to ask yourself what matters the most in your life.  If your relationship with Jesus comes out as being #1, then you need to find a woman that believes in the same thing.

Many women will try to lie to you because she finds you to be attractive. It’s important to ask a brother or sister in Christ to pray for you.  Discernment is often needed today because most people don’t choose wisely when it comes to love. Once you choose your wife, you must stick to your vows and stay married for life.  The worst thing that any Christian believer can do is to choose the wrong life partner.  Many men that are alive today now regret marrying the woman that they thought was going to be so great.