Being a Christian Pastor is Tiring and You Often Want to Quit

Salvation is a Need Inside of Your Soul

The ministry is often a tough battle for most Christian pastors.  Today, men and women in the church are more demanding than they were in previous generations.  Today, pastors often earn a low salary in comparison to someone working a secular job.  Pastors often must work 55+ hours a week without receiving any overtime.  Pastoral counseling is required for most pastors of any church.  Most of your day is spent preparing sermons and counseling your parishioners.  Most of the people that come to you are very set in their ways.  Pastors are often “beat up” emotionally by their parishioners when they do something wrong.

We are living in a world that is more sinful than it was in the 1950’s. Pastors today have to deal with the high percentage of divorce rates that are going on in the country right now. Many pastors are having to deal with stubborn parishioners that refuse to repent and expect the pastor to be both their prophet and pastor at the same time.  Most pastors are worn out from the high demands of being in ministry.  Make one mistake and you could be voted out by your vestry.

Many pastors today are choosing to leave traditional church and create their own ministry.  Many pastors are tired of the low salaries and having to fear being fired for speaking the truth.  If this sounds like you, then you are not alone.

The pastoral ministry is one that requires a lot of patience.  One must have a true calling on their life to serve God in the ministry.  If you are 50/50 in, you most likely won’t make it as a pastor in today’s complex world.

When the Lord calls someone to the ministry, he gives them the ability to preach, teach and serve him unconditionally.  At times, a pastor needs to spend more time with God to understand what is happening in their ministry.  Many pastors forget to pray and read the Bible each day.  The ministry is exciting before you enter it. Once you are inside of it, it can seem like a difficult road.  Today, many deceptive spirits have gone out into the world deceiving people that serve God in ministry.   It is important to not allow deceptive spirits to control you or to tell you that God is not interested in you serving him. Make sure that you have a good covering over you when it comes to serving Jesus.  You need people praying for you daily.  Never forget to ask God what his will is for you or someone else that you are ministering to.  Eventually, you will be able to see God working for you in life.

The most important part of a pastor’s life is saving souls.  Sharing the blood and body of Christ is why you are a pastor to begin with.  When you feel like you want to quit, know that someone is at stake of losing their salvation and you must help them.