Are You Spiritually Dead in Christ or Just Taking a Nap for Now?

What Makes a Person Dead or Alive in Christ?

It is interesting to talk to Christians that have been saved for a while.  They often have the attitude of being saved and not having to worry about the future or where life is going to take them.  They often feel that spending time with Jesus is not that important because they already know everything about the Bible.

When a person has read the Bible multiple times and has an active prayer life, they tend to think that they have it all covered.  They don’t have to work as hard on their spiritual life with God anymore. However, nothing could be further from the truth.  We need to ask God to teach us how to serve him in different ways.  Jesus is the reason why we are saved to begin with.

When confronting our faith, it’s important to ask God what his will is for our lives.  Then we are to ask him what we should do about our time spent with him.  I think that its best to have a specific time each day in which we read the word of God.  I often must stop watching a movie or a television show to have that fellowship time with Christ.

If your prayer life with God begins to slack, you will often feel like God is not with you during hard times.  People often start to doubt the existence of God when their prayer and Bible time with Jesus starts to diminish.

It is hard to get lost in our relationship with Jesus when all the digital gadgets of this world get in our way. Its best to not use Facebook unless we really must.  I have found that social media often takes my time away from Jesus. If something has become the “Lord” of your life, it’s time to take it away.  Move it in a new direction.  Say to yourself that you want things to move along and to come together for yourself.

Learn how to listen to the Holy Spirit.  Don’t worry if pain and sorrow get in the way of your life. We must learn how to overcome what is most painful to us.  In time, you will come to see that Jesus wants to spend a lot of time with you.  Being faithful to Jesus takes time.  We must ask ourselves where our head is at when we doubt God for anything in prayer. Are we taking a nap from our faith or are we sincere about getting to know Jesus on a much more deeper level?

God is always there waiting for us. Don’t watch anything sinful on television because it will only take you away from your spiritual life. We often carry a lot of guilt as Christians when we have done wrong.  Jesus forgives easily, but we often don’t forgive ourselves as fast. Remember to put Jesus first and all things will follow.