The Prophetic Ministry Isn’t What It Used to Be

Do you remember reading the Old Testament and hearing about Jeremiah the Prophet and Daniel?  As a prophetic minister, you may have remembered the stories in which the prophets of God would often bring judgement and correction upon the people?  Those were times in which people wondered what a prophet was going to say next.

In today’s 21st century world, the prophetic ministry has changed since the day of the Bible. Today, many prophetic ministers are finding themselves talking to people about their love lives and jobs.  Most prophets today are working for God directly.  If you are a full time prophetic minister, you rely on God for all things.  God will provide for you.

The challenge for today’s prophets is to not let the sinful lives of most people stress you out.  As prophets, we believe in following God’s commandments and want people to do the same.  We often hope that people wouldn’t want to live in sin. However, prophets can’t stop people from doing what their free will allows them to do. I often get people calling me for a prophetic word and asking me questions that I know are outside of God’s will. However, I must allow myself to get to a level in which I can only give a prophetic word.  I don’t judge people when they are asking me questions. I instead answer their question and tells them what I see about the situation.  I wish that people would call and ask me how they could get closer to Jesus so that they could hear from God on their own. However, I find that most people today are not interested in getting closer to God.  They are not interested in reading the Holy Bible for long periods of time. They instead want to stay focused on what’s happening on Facebook and their dating lives.  Most people that call me are single and have no husband.  I get most of my calls from women that are looking for love.  I often feel like a psychic hotline.

We are living in changing times and many pastors and prophets are seeing a dangerous trend evolving for people of this world. Most people today are practicing a “lover of self” mentality.  Most people know that they are sinning against God and refuse to change. Instead, they are often seeking out ways to sin and not get caught.

My personal life with Jesus has grown over the years. I don’t fit in with most people. My prophetic side of my life has grown as well. Today, I see myself as growing in the prophetic and helping people out along the way.  As a prophetic witness for Jesus, I see that my life helps people.

From time to time, Jesus will show me a face that I helped some time ago.  These people are not always changed.  They often continue to live in their sins and refuse to repent.