Hitting Rock Bottom and Needing a Prophetic Word and a Glass of Wine

We live in a world which is often difficult to deal with.  Christians and non-Christians alike feel something evil over the face of the earth right now.  Everyone seems a bit nervous about the economy, love and their health. People often find it difficult to cope no matter where they are walking in life.

Milly’s Story

Milly was a woman of God that loved Jesus. She tried to read her Bible daily.  However, she always felt like some obstacle was getting in the way.  Her husband walked out on her when she was only 25 years old.   Milly got married at 18 years of age. She always tried to be a good housewife.  However, her husband found another woman and left her.  For years she wondered why God allowed this to happen.  Her ex-husband said that he was a Christian and yet cheated on her.  After her divorce, she went astray for a while from Jesus. She began drinking wine at night and asking God why her life was such a mess.

Her spiritual life became dark. She stopped praying and reading the Holy Bible. However, she was open to hearing the prophetic word.  In fact, the prophetic word was the only thing keeping her going during her days of disobedience to God.  She would often call upon prophets to help her to see the future of her life. She wanted to know if she would ever find love again or if her husband would even come back.  Milly had a lot of questions.

A lot of Christians these days are giving up on the gospel because it’s too hard to be a Christian in the United States and in most places around the world.  The prophetic word has proven to help people from different walks of life when they are down and out. Most people call a prophetic minister when they feel like life has taken a drastic turn for them badly.  Prophets are often there to help people to see that God is still alive in their life and caring about their soul.  We need to praise God for the gift of prophecy.

Milly eventually overcame her pain a sorrow with the help of prophetic minister.  Eventually, she came to see that God did love her and that he gives all people free will.

Prophets today are using their gifts of prophecy to help everyday people.  I never saw the benefits of my prophetic gift until people started to tell me that my prophetic gift was a blessing to them. Seeing into the future helps people to see that things are not as bad as they may think.  My prophetic words have lifted people up out of dark places. I am happy to say that most people get prophetic words when they feel like there is no other way.  However, my prophetic words help people to see that there is hope.