The Best Ways of Handling a Husband that Shows You No Respect When He is Angry

Is Your Husband an Angry Man That Needs Help?

Men can often be hard to handle when they get mean and angry.  This often happens when a man has been drinking alcohol.  If he doesn’t drink, he often gets angry at you when he has a bad day at work or has something on his mind that he can’t shake.  Men are not the best communicators in the world.  They often don’t tell you what’s going on inside of their head.  It can often feel like you are pulling teeth when it comes to talking to someone about their life.  Most men want to keep their secrets hidden within themselves.

It takes a lot for a person to start opening up.  If you are the woman in the relationship, it’s important for you to help your man to “see the light” in his situation. Pray for him and ask Jesus to open his eyes.  Eventually, you will see his eyes becoming more trustworthy towards you.

If he is treating you like garbage, then it’s time to ask him to repent of his ways. Tell him that Jesus doesn’t want us to be angry.  Remind him that the Bible says to be slow to anger (James 1:19).

You might be surprised to find out that talking to him from a biblical perspective, helps him to understand his own anger. The main reason is because it’s not you that is criticizing his ways of handling his stress. It’s the Holy Bible convicting his heart.  Most men will respond better to the Holy Bible than to their wife. Under many situations, men have lost all control within themselves when they are ashamed of something that they did or was done to them.

If you know someone that is struggling, it’s important to pray for them and ask for God’s divine intervention.  Over time, you will be able to see that God has a plan in store for them.  Praise God that we have hope in such a troubled world.

Dealing with anger often takes counseling and prayer. Most anger can be dealt with as it arises. However, many couples face divorce and breakups when they get upset.  When a man feels disrespected by his wife, he will often yell at her and argue. Eventually, if the problem doesn’t get resolved, he will move out of the house and file for divorce.  Be careful that you are not doing anything to rise is anger. If you are the woman in the relationship, it’s important to be submissive to him.  If you are acting like the “man” in the relationship, you will just clash with him.  Please read Colossians 3:18 to understand your role as a wife in the relationship.  He needs to understand his role as well.  Once you have established who you are in the marriage, more peace can come to the relationship. Everything takes time in love.  There is no perfect marriage. However, helping him to understand his own anger takes time and prayer.