Should a Christian Work for a Company that Produces Sinful Products?

Do You Want to Quit Your Company Because it Sells Non Christian Products?

Jobs are hard to come by now a day.  It’s hard to find a job that pays well.  However, once you find a job, should you quit it because it is selling sinful products?

Here is a story about Jane and the painful decision that she had to make to feel freer as a person.  Jane was a born again Christian believer. It was hard for her to commit any type of sin without later repenting of it. She knew that Jesus Christ loved her and died for her sins.  When it came to her job, she was a hard worker.  She went to work on time every day.

Jane was the kind of person that was laid back and easy to get along with.  Most of her co-workers saw her as being quiet, spiritual and loving.  The one problem that she was having was the products that she was selling.  Jane struggled to find a job for a year before she found this company.  She was barely surviving each month before getting this job.  However, once she got this new job, it was paying her bills well. Jane decided to keep the job despite the products that the company was selling.

As a born-again Christian, she wanted to live her life for God.  She was upset by the fact that so many people at her company didn’t care about the products that the company sold.  Jane was working for a company that sold pornography.  Her job title was the assistant manager of order taking.  This was an internet company that had no store front.  Customers would come through the website and order products.  The staff would package up the products and ship them out.  Jane only managed the people that were packaging the products. She never actually saw anything pornographic in the boxes.  However, she always felt convicted that she was working for a company that sold something that she was so against.

Over time, Jane decided to quit the job because her personal beliefs told her that she shouldn’t be working for a company that was working for Satan.  She decided to ask God for a new job. She didn’t want to feel like she was contributing to anything sinful.  Within weeks, the Lord opened a new door for her and a new job.

When your life feels convicted of something, it is usually because the Lord is trying to tell you to not have anything to do with it.  The reason is because Christians are called to save souls.

Many Christians have different ideas when it comes to this topic.  I personally believe that you should ask Jesus if the job you are working is okay with him. If you feel convicted to quit because of your company’s sinful behavior, then I can’t blame you.  Ask the Lord to give you a new job and watch new miracles work in your life.  At the end of the day, we are here on earth to serve God 24 hours daily.