Becoming a Mature Born Again Christian Believer Takes Time and Patience

Have You Looked At Your Born Again Side Lately?

There is no greater feeling than being able to give Jesus Christ your life and to have a personal relationship with him.  When you are first saved by the blood of Jesus, it’s exciting, new and refreshing.  People often want to run around and tell everyone that they got saved. However, once a new Christian begins to develop their faith and spirituality, they often have this idea that they are ready to preach the gospel to other people.  Many new Christians begin to think that they can preach to anyone and win them over to Christ.  However, ever mature believer in Jesus Christ will tell you that this is not always possible.

In fact, being a mature Christian means that God has taken you through many life experiences that have drawn you closer to him.  A mature believer knows how to fight off Satan’s attacks.  A new believer doesn’t understand spiritual warfare in the same way as a mature believer does.  He/she also doesn’t know how to win souls for the kingdom just yet.  Becoming a mature believer in Jesus, takes time and patience. One must ask the heavenly father for wisdom daily.  To become mature in Christ, it’s important to get into reading the word of God daily.  When I first got saved, I read the Bible for around two hours a day.  I prayed and worshiped Jesus daily as well.  Most of my time was full of working, going to school and spending time with Jesus. I would only watch television after I had my Bible study. If I didn’t have a Bible study, I wouldn’t watch television.  This is a good habit for people to get into. You need to often turn off your Facebook and cell phone to build your relationship with Jesus. Building a relationship with Jesus takes time and discipline. Nobody really knows completely how fast their relationship with Jesus will grow. However, as Jesus shows you things that need to be changed in your life, you will go through a series of becoming born again.  Being born again means that you are changing your own personal beliefs into something that is more Christ like.  You may say, I am gay.  However, when you read the Holy Bible, it tells you that being gay is not from Christ. In fact, you will discover that there is a whole new you waiting to be born. Jesus Christ is the one person that we can count on in this life. We can only claim victory in Christ when we want to give God first place in our hearts.

Allow the Holy Spirit to be your teacher.  The Bible tells us that the Holy Spirit is our teacher (John 14:26).  Submit yourself to learning under the spirits influence. You will not be sorry that you gave yourself to the Lord.

Once you have been saved for at least a year, you will most likely have some maturity in you.  It’s all about spending time with the savior and telling him what’s on your mind.  The Lord will carry you each step of the way.