The Best Ways of Having Peace of Mind While Spending Time With Jesus Each Day

Peace of Mind is Not Always Easy to Obtain

It is hard to have peace of mind when you have utility bills and car payments on your mind.  Some Christians struggle from having no true romantic love in their lives. Others struggle from having no home or place to rest their head at night.  When a person sits down to close their eyes, they may feel no peace.  Sometimes our minds can get a hold of us and cause us to feel restless.

It is important to make sure that your taking care of your mind, body and soul for inner peace.  Stop for a moment and think about the daily affairs that you are partaking in daily.  Some of the circumstances that bring peace of mind are: reading the Holy Bible, praying, meditating with spiritual music, walking, talking to a fellow brother and sister in Christ, friendship and reading spiritual books.

It is important to ask yourself what brings anxiety and worry into your life? Most Christians today spend less than 15 minutes a day reading the Bible and praying.  If this sounds like you, it’s time to take action so that you can have a lot more peace in your life.  For starters, make it a priority in your life to spend at least 1 hour a day with Jesus.  This may mean that you can’t watch television or surf the internet on certain nights of the week. It’s important to calculate what time you are walking into the house after work.  You may have to: take care of your children, cook, clean and perform other household activities.  However, I’m sure that you get some recreational time each day to relax and watch TV.

Relaxing in Christ can simply be about listening to spiritual music on or popping in your favorite CD.  Building your relationship takes time.

When a Christian first gets saved, their faith is exciting.  They often go through long periods of time in which they want to read the Bible and please God.  They want to draw closer to him in relationship. It’s important to ask yourself where are you at now in your Christian walk with God?

Only Jesus can bring you true peace of mind.   Born again Christians often forget how miserable they were before they got saved.  However, Jesus fixed you up and often, Christians try to go back out there into the world to fellowship with sinners.  I don’t agree with fellowshipping with sinners unless it is to witness to them about Jesus. If you hang out with sinners and start doing what they do, you can easily get sucked back into your old life.  This has happened time and time again.

Jesus hung out with sinners to save their soul.  He didn’t do what they did.  Jesus was without sin.  He sat amongst them and sinners loved him.  He had good news about salvation and changing their lives.  Today, many Christians want to hang out in a dance club rubbing up on a man/woman with others of like mind.  That is not Christian.  One must take a careful consider their soul and ask themselves why they are doing something.  Is it of Christ?

Peace of mind means clearing your heart.  If something is on your mind, deal with it.  Often, we want to push back the thoughts that come into our mind because we often feel troubled by them.  It can even keep people awake at night.  Start to journal out your feelings when it comes to repentance. Write down what’s troubling you. If for instance, you have offended someone, try to seek a way to apologize.  If they have offended you, ask God to bring it to that person’s attention so that they can apologize to you. We often like to hold onto feelings of stubbornness and pain.

Sometimes, a Christian’s mind can be blocked because they are dealing with overweight issues.  This can cause your mind to not feel free.  If you are walking around with 50+ extra pounds of weight, it can be difficult to feel whole.  This means that you are lacking in exercise and need to start walking.  Walks can clear the mind from negativity.  It will also give you fresh air and cause you to feel a sense of happiness.  If you are a couch potato, dedicate to walking for at least 30 minutes a day.  Walking coaches say that a man/woman should have at least 10,000 walks a day.  When I calculated my walking, it took me 60 minutes to take 10,000 steps.  However, I burned 450 calories.  I have a busy schedule and, so I walk in place at home.  You might be shocked to find out that you can walk in place while watching television.  In this way, you can burn calories and catch up on your television shows at night.

If you continue to go to work, come home and spend only a little bit of time with Jesus, you will never find inner spiritual peace.  Only Jesus can give you peace of mind. When you read the Holy Bible, certain scriptural verses will start jumping out at you.  The Lord may convict your heart to create some sort of a change. If you can’t do what the Lord is asking you to do, ask him to give you the strength to do it. Pray for everything and strive to be like Christ daily.  When you do this, your peace of mind will start to come into play.