Generation Google is a Lonely People No Matter How Old You Are

After giving over 40,000 prophetic words, I can honestly tell you that we have a lonely generation of people.  Since the beginning of the internet, people are lonelier than ever before.  You may be asking yourself, “Why?”  One of the main reasons is because technology does not equal friendship bonding.  The one main ingredient that is left out in a computer generation is personal touch with another living soul.

We are seeing a generation of lonely young people today that grew up watching and searching Google for every question that comes into their mind. They want their questions answered fast.  For many years, this is fun. Spending time alone and watching everything on the planet through a computer. However, I have noticed that after around ten years of doing this, people get extremely bored and lonely with life.  People often come to me when they hit rock bottom and have nowhere else to turn. They have exhausted all attempts at life getting any better. I have noticed that the millennial generation does not know how to make friends or bond like the generation before it. Of course, not everyone is like that, but most people that I have come into contact are.

This is a growing problem. Just because people are talking on Facebook, YouTube and other websites, it doesn’t mean that they are getting satisfying relationships. I have found that a human being doesn’t feel satisfied for human companionship until they have spent physical time with someone in person.

Even the dating world often lives on texting, video chatting, Face booking and internet means.  Teens are realizing that kissing someone on a camera is not the same as kissing them in person.  The physical touch is missing.  This is something that this generation is facing right now.

People born in before 1975 have a different perspective of bonding then those born after 1990.  This is mainly because the internet was born and surfing the internet became a different experience.  The children that grew up on technology bond less with their peers outside of a computerized gadget. To combat this, parents should limit their child’s internet use and monitor their friends. See if your child even has any friends. If not, it’s time to get them involved in a sport, church activity or another function where they can interact with people fact to face. If people fail to bond with someone face to face, I have seen them suffer deeply in depression, loneliness and isolation as they grow older.  Children and teens often don’t see their symptoms until it’s too late.  I have seen teens and young adults act out with having suicidal thoughts and feeling like nobody wants to be around them.  People begin to feel more depressed in life from spending too much time on the internet.