It’s All About Me and My Personal Views on Life Itself

What happens when a man or woman becomes a lover of self?  Everything in their life becomes about them.  It is hard to live in a generation of such selfishness. Many people today are living for themselves and not Jesus.  When a man or woman lives for themselves, they fail to obey the commandments of God.  As a prophetic ministry, I constantly must hear the moans and groans of selfish people. People that live for “the things of this world” and not for God.  Almost every caller that calls me says that they are struggling in love.  They also tell me that they pray and are Christian. However, if you listen to them speak, you can tell that they are not born again. Only born-again Christians will be able to see this.

I often receive calls from women and men that are sleeping around. They can’t seem to stop themselves from fornicating day and night. It’s like they are possessed with a spirit of lust.  Most people that call me have sex whenever they feel like. They often don’t care about what God’s word says. They often tell me that they have needs and will fulfill them at their own desire. When I tell them to repent and turn themselves over to God, they tell me that they will continue to live the way that they feel like.

It is hard to be a prophet in today’s sinful world.  Most people that call don’t want to repent. They simply want to live in their sin and ask God to give them what they want.  They pray in selfishness by asking God for their will to be done and now his.

The souls of this world have become polluted with sin and often have no desire to repent.  Only Jesus can save this world. We are living in the last of the last days.  It is becoming extremely hard to live in this world if you are born again.  Many souls want to do what is not right.  If you live anywhere in the free world, such as: USA, France, Italy, Germany, Europe and other countries, you will see sin much greater.  It is because people have decided to live however they feel.  Even if the scriptures tell them not to live a certain way, they will do it anyways.

I praise God that I am living in a time where I can see the end quickly approaching.  I praise God that I have lived long enough to see what may become the last of the last days.  May all Christians pray for the souls of this world that they may not go into the gates of hell.  It has been around 2,000 years since we last saw Jesus.  We must also be aware that Jesus can come at any time. We must always be ready to see him and be ready to go.  Keep your hearts faithful to God and never let the devil grab hold of your soul.