Reacting to a Slow-Moving Business Means Less Money in Your Pockets

Everyone knows that a slow-moving business means less profits.  Less profits means less money for you to pay your bills and to take care of your needs.  However, should we ever be in panic mode when things don’t look like they are going our way?

According to the Holy Bible, we should not fear money.  They Bible says to not worry about the clothes that you have on your back because God will take care of our needs. He even takes care of the birds of the air. All that we must do is watch and wait for the miracles that God gives to us. Sometimes it’s hard to wait upon the Lord. Most people don’t want to wait for what God must give to them. It’s easy to say that I will wait.  However, we often must live by faith alone.  Faith is the substance of things not seen.  You must believe that God is going to come through for you.

If the Lord really doesn’t want you to do something, you won’t be doing it.  God teaches us to walk with him every step of the way.  Ministers of God often must face tough challenges in their finances. Today, it’s important to not worry about how the money is going to come in.

There is nothing more frustrating than to ask God for something and see nothing happening.  Usually, we are in a waiting mode for God to move and to give us what we need on a day to day basis.

After we spend time in prayer, we realize that God is really in charge. We have nothing to worry about or to fear.  As each day passes, tell God how scared you are of not being able to pay your bills.  He will always answer you in his own way.  We have nothing to fear because God oversees it all.