Are You Struggling to Hear from God in Prayer, Worship, Spirituality and Other Aspects of Life?

In this article, we are going to discuss how you can hear from God and get closer to him at the same time.  For starters, many men and women in the world today questions the existence of God.  Many people wonder, “Is God hearing me or is there a God?”

If you are questioning the existence of God, I want you to pay close attention to this article and follow these easy steps on building a relationship with Jesus.

First, it’s important to ask Jesus into your life.  It is best for you to start attending an evangelical born again Christian church. Any denomination is okay if they are born again. You will find that when you begin your journey with getting to know Jesus, you need to be around fellow Christians that have asked Jesus into their life as well.  Believe it or not, you must ask Jesus Christ into your heart and accept him as your Lord and savior.  Bow your head right now and say, “Lord Jesus, I ask you into my life.  I ask you to be my Lord and savior. I give my heart and soul to you.  I accept your salvation for my life.”

After this, begin reading the New Testament.  Read about 3 pages a day to begin.  If you feel like any pages are speaking to you, write down what you feel the pages are teaching you.  Make sure that you ask a pastor to help you to understand the meaning of what you are reading.  The scriptures can often get confusing for people that are new to the faith.  Having a Christian help, you out are the best way of understanding what you are reading.

Next, it’s important to wake up every day thanking Jesus for all that he has given to you.  After you have thanked God, ask him for what you need.  The Lord will always provide for you.  Getting to know Jesus takes time. It is like getting to know a friend. You learn about Jesus through reading the Holy Bible, praying and fellow-shipping with other Christians.

You will begin seeing scriptural passages making more sense to you as you grow in your faith with Jesus.  Following Jesus means that you are going to change your ways into the ways in which Jesus Christ commands us to live.  When you live for yourself, you live for what comes naturally out of the heart.  When you live for Jesus, you deny yourself and live the way that God asks you to live.  By doing this, you become Christ like.  Jesus was a perfect human being. He was flawless and without sin.  It is the goal of every Christian to be more like Jesus every day. When you live for yourself, you live in sin.

When I first got saved, I attended a spiritual retreat.  That retreat brought me closer to Jesus.  I could talk to other Christians of like mind that helped me to learn more about Jesus.  I also attended a religious retreat at Blue Mountain Christian retreat in 1987.  It was one of the best times that I have ever had.   As you start to grow with Jesus, you will see that he becomes real to you.  As you begin to pray and pray with the right motives, God will answer your prayers. You will see that God begins speaking to you.  Once your relationship starts to build, there is no turning back. God will keep on speaking to you and showing you his will.  The Bible says that you will find God if you search for him with all your heart.

New Christians need to learn about Jesus and what it means to be a Christian.  This is easier said than done.  However, with time and patience, you can begin to understand the person of the Holy Spirit and what it means to be a disciple for Jesus.