No Husbands for Most of Today’s Modern-Day Unsaved Women: What is Going On?

I just read a startling statistic online that says that many of today’s modern-day women will have no husband in the upcoming years.  It looks like by the year 2030, only around 20% of people will want to be married or stay married. That is an alarming statistic.  It’s alarming because 50 years ago, we saw men and women holding on to their marriages for 25+ years. Divorce and living together were almost unheard of. Today, the mindset of people has certainly changed.  What is your idea of marriage?

Today, it is estimated that 1 out of every 2 women want to get married at some point in their life.  However, most men do not want to marry.  In fact, most men in the 21st century don’t see the point in getting married.  There are several reasons why men don’t see marriage as an option anymore. Here are some of the top reasons.

  • Most men are failing to practice their faith regularly. The American (free world) system has taught them that it’s okay to have sexual relations outside of marriage.  It’s okay to date or sleep around with a “girlfriend/s” until you are 50 years old.  Without the foundation of faith, men can’t possibly think that marriage is a must.  In the 1950’s, men were taught that you should not sleep around with women.  If you did, it was a sin.  Instead, getting married to one woman was the appropriate way to live.  Most men adhered to this rule of life and therefore married before their 30th  You would often see men having children with their wives by the age of 25.   Today, we are seeing men frowning on marriage because their faith is weak and think that God is okay with sleeping around.
  • Legally, men lose everything in divorce. Ask any man that has been divorced and he will tell you that he lost his: children, home, security, pension, savings and pride.  The court system will take a man through the “cleaners” in divorce.  America is still favoring women in divorce and men know it. It is a huge risk for a man to say, “I do.”
  • Women are not “Betty Homemaker” anymore. Men are tired of being talked down to by women in their own houses. Most men that live with a woman outside of marriage often move out or ask her to move out in under a year’s timing.  That is a startling statistic.  For the most part, today’s modern-day women don’t want to cook and clean for their boyfriends/husbands. Most women believe that a man should be doing these chores.  Marriages often last for no more than 10 years. Anything over 15 years is a miracle today.
  • Men can be intimate with most any woman today in under 7 days timing. This means that marriage is no longer required for intimacy.  In the mid part of the 20th century and before that time, most people looked at intimacy before marriage as shameful. Men always knew about that one “bad girl” in the neighborhood.  However, getting caught with her would risk is reputation.
  • Men today prefer living alone for financial reasons. Men find that they don’t have to provide for women anymore.  There was a time in history where a woman couldn’t work.  Men were required to support the family.  Today, most women have jobs.
  • Men love freedom to do what they want. Most men today don’t want to feel like they have a “ball and chain” telling them what to do.  He often prefers coming and going as he pleases.  Most men today prefer working on their career and making money over love.
  • Men are not looked down up on if they are not married. Most men don’t feel embarrassed not to have a wife.  In fact, many men praise it because they don’t have anyone to answer to.  Many married men complain that their wives irritate them at home and are nagging them to death.
  • Unmarried men that have a “baby mama” feel like they have freedom. They don’t have to change diapers or tuck their kids in at night. They only must pay child support if the court forces them to do so.  Taking care of children is a 24-hour job.  Single men often feel like they have lost their freedom and happiness when having to take care of a baby. Modern day 21st century woman is allowing this process to continue at high rates. Many modern-day women will often have multiple “baby daddies”.
  • Christian values and roles are no longer part of your everyday marriage. Most women don’t fulfill their roles from the Holy Bible. Most women today are not submissive to their husbands and often shout, place demands and dictate the relationship. Most men feel that bouncing around from woman to woman is a lot easier.  Most men feel that you don’t have to hear a woman’s mouth complaining if you are not living with them. Most men prefer texting over a phone call.  They can simply get to the point. Woman that complain to a man a lot are often divorced, broken up with and simply left behind.

As a Christian woman, you are going to have to re-read the Holy Bible and see what your role is in a relationship. If you live your life like a modern-day woman “of this world”, your chances at having a successful relationship/marriage are slim.  If you are looking for a husband, follow the Bible’s rules. Don’t marry anyone that is not a born again Christian and evaluate a man’s morals before marrying him.  Make sure that he understands what his roles are according to the Holy Bible.