Working for Jesus is a Full Time Job and Most Christians are Not Up For the Challenge

Ask any spiritual minister and he/she will tell you that working for Jesus is a full-time job.  You often must live by faith. Ministers these days are not earning a lot of money.  It seems like televangelists give us a false reality of how a minister lives.

If you ask any pastor, they will often tell you that their salary barely covers modern day living expenses. It is hard to live in a world where technology runs it.  Technology often costs lots of money. If you are not making a lot of money, you often feel like you are missing out on cars, houses, computers, education and so much more.

Being a minister for Jesus simply means that you are going to serve God each day with your best.  Your attitude is everything.   When I was growing up in the 1980’s, most people went to church. In the 21st century, I see a lot of people not going to church. Instead, people are watching cable television and spending time on their technological gadgets.

Christian ministers are needed now more than ever before.  If you are willing to serve Jesus in the minister, then it’s a good idea to ask God what his will is.  Ask Jesus where he wants you to serve.  There is a job out there for every Christian that wants to touch the lives of others.

If you are called to be a: pastor, teacher, evangelist, prophetic minister, then you are going to have to put in many hours.  The demand for pastors working in churches is slowly disappearing.  Most men and women that graduate with a masters of divinity degree will find that it’s hard to land a pastoral job in the church. Money seems to be the #1 reason why you will not be able to get a job as a pastor.  Brick and mortar churches simply can’t afford to keep ministers employed.  Parishioners are not donating money as they once did. Many church buildings are closing.  You would think that the church is okay financially when you see pastors like Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyer making millions.  However, this is not the case for most Christian ministers in the world today.

If you plan on building a minister, then expect to spend a lot of hours building your ministry.  Today, one must ask themselves if it’s worth getting a degree in theology.  College degrees are getting more expensive and most degrees have a difficult time getting a job after graduation. It may be time for you to ask yourself, “Should I give focus to an online ministry”.  Online ministries seem to be taking off more than traditional brick and mortar churches. It is more convenient for people to search for what they want on the world wide web.  Many men and women search for sermons, books and friendships on the internet. We are not living in our grandparent’s generation.  The internet changed the world of ministry forever.

Christian ministers need to take the world wide web into careful consideration when planning their ministry.  One must ask themselves if it’s worth opening a brick and mortar location if the expenses are high. A traditional church must pay rent/mortgage, upgrade bills, lighting, salaries and so forth.  Most pastors lose money on their location.  Internet ministries often only cost hosting fees for a website. If your website gets enough visitors, you can schedule a seminar once a year at a hotel or other location.  You will be shocked at how many people from your website would love to attend your conference.  In this way, you can ask people to sign up if they wish to attend and ask for donations to cover the cost of the building. You may be shocked to find out that your one or two-day event draws thousands of people.

Planning your ministry takes time and fellowship with Jesus. Ask Jesus what his will is for your life and plan accordingly.  Today, building a ministry takes time and careful planning. It’s important to have fellowship with Jesus every day to see which way he leads you.