Important First Steps for Starting Your Own Christian Ministry

Praise God for the internet.  If you want to start a Christian ministry, you only need a website. Before the internet, you had to have a brick and mortar location or go to places where you could speak.  Today, you have a wonderful opportunity of opening your ministry to thousands of people that are searching for truth.  If you truly love Jesus, you will find that your heart wants to tell others about him. The calling of a minister is unique and powerful. When Jesus calls you to a ministry, it’s scary. People often wonder if its God calling them or themselves hoping that something would happen.

Today, you can set up your own domain name and get started. Today, many internet ministries are more powerful than brick and mortar locations.  Some websites are getting well over 2,000 hits a day. This means that 2,000+ people could be reading your articles and watching your videos on a day to day basis. Praise God that we have Christians that are willing to take a stand for Christ and tell others about salvation.

I remember sitting in church as a teenager in the 1980’s and wanting to have my own ministry one day.  I knew that the only way that I could become a pastor is through a church as an ordained minister.  It was hard to go through 7 years of schooling to get your masters of divinity degree.  It was costly and the jobs were often hard to find. However, over time, the Lord began to show me a different way to giving ministry to his people. For starters, I could have my own website and touch people from all over the world. I realize that having a ministry takes time and effort.  You must be willing to put the time into your ministry for it to become something powerful.

First, take a deep look inside of your heart. What are you good at? Are you better at writing articles or creating video content?  You must know what your strengths are. Every time that you post something on your website, you have the opportunity of your message reaching thousands of people. Not every message is going to impact every single person on earth.  Sometimes, a message is not supposed to reach every single person on earth.

As a minister of the gospel, I encourage you to put out into the world what you feel is inside of your heart. Allow the Lord to open doors for you to see how he is going to make your ministry come alive.

Even if you had your own brick and mortar church, it’s hard to get people to come. Churches today are struggling to get people in their doors.  The main reason is because people are using the internet a lot more now. They have access to online sermons, videos, pictures and articles at their fingertips.  The “old school” ways of having a church may not be as strong as it was before the internet age. Today, you have many options to starting a ministry.

Some people enjoy street evangelism and door to door spreading of the gospel.  You must decide on what works best for you and ask Jesus what his will is for you as well.

When Jesus first left the apostles, he sent them out into the world.  They didn’t have any real idea of how the message of Jesus was going to be received. However, we are now 2,000 years into the gospel message and the word has been preached globally.  The apostles preached where the Holy Spirit guided them.  The Holy Spirit is our teacher.  We must listen to him and see where he takes us.  When we obey God, everything seems to come together. We often do not understand why something is happening in our lives.

Starting a ministry takes obedience. We walk step by step with God and listen to his voice. When the Lord tells us to do something, we do it.

I find that the internet allows every Christian to have equal opportunity in spreading the gospel.  I find that it’s the cheapest way to spread the gospel and the way that touches most people.  You can even set up your own online church and provide your visitors with preaching, teaching, fellowship, chat rooms, products and much more.

You can submit your website to search engines and social networking companies as well.  Spread the message as best as you can and see what the Lord will do with your ministry.  Some people earn a full time living off their ministries online.  Don’t let anything stop you.  Go for it.