Important Steps on Properly Giving a Prophetic Word to Someone in Need

Being a prophetic minister is a complex calling.  It is not easy to have this calling on your life because there is no manual or school that you can go to to learn how to be a prophet. In fact, the prophetic call is one that requires a complete dedication to Jesus Christ and the will to follow whatever he tells you to do.

On a day to day basis, it’s hard to fight spiritual battles. As a prophetic minister, you will constantly be attacked by enemy spirits. Once you begin working for Jesus, your life will never be the same again.  Satanic attacks come regularly and often disrupt your life. Know that Jesus is the power and the force behind all things that are loving.

To start giving prophetic words to people, you are going to have to seek out why you should be doing this to begin with. My prophetic ministry has been to God’s people.  Some prophets work directly with pastors or leaders.  I have gotten the privilege of working with the Lord’s people on a one on one basis. It’s hard to believe that I have given over 40,000 prophetic words throughout the course of my life. My prophetic words have helped people to understand what is happening in their life regarding: love, money, career, spirituality, business, school and more.  I have been asked every type of question that you can imagine. Most of the people that come to me are not born again.  Most people today are not even interested in learning more about Jesus. Most people that come to me for a prophetic word are living in sin.

As a modern-day prophet of the 21st century, don’t expect people to respect your calling. Today, most people that come to a prophet for a word is skeptical.  Most people are already judging your gift before the even meet with you face to face.  Most people don’t care what you must say because they have their own agenda before they even ask you for a prophetic word.

I have learned to allow people to do what they want with the words that I give to them.  Most people don’t care what I must say, but then come back to me months later saying, “The prophetic words that you gave to me were correct.”  I have learned to allow the Lord to speak through me and to help people in their hour of need.

Prophets today are helping people like never. It’s because a great majority of the world is living in sin. People are often not consulting God on their own and asking him to answer their prayers.  Is it right for you to give a prophetic word?  To answer this question, you must look deep within your own heart.  Why are you giving prophetic words to begin with? What are people getting out of talking with you?  What is God’s will for your life?

I know that when I started to work in my prophetic call, I didn’t understand everything that I was doing. Nobody was there to train me to be a prophet. I had to learn my own life lessons and ask God to leave me every step of the way. I worked in many uncomfortable settlings. However, I realized that God was in control. When God is in control, the devil cannot harm you. Only God can allow the devil to get away with certain things.

If you have a prophetic word for someone, give them that word in the way that you feel most comfortable.  Some prophets write their prophetic words down on paper. Others use face to face and texting on the phone.  Other prophets will stand up in church and say what they are receiving prophetically. No matter which direction God takes you, do it with your full intent.  The prophetic word needs to be spoken and sometimes people have given up on life. Therefore, your prophetic words will mean so much to them. Remember that God is not trying to work against you.  He is simply calling you to an office that most people don’t understand.

I know that I used to sit in prayer, worship and reading the Bible for hours a day as a child.  I didn’t receive my prophetic anointing until I was around 15 or 16 years old. I didn’t practice my anointing until I turned 31 years of age.  I was in training from the age of 13 to 31.  Once your prophetic ministry starts, there is no turning back.  We can only react to God with complete trust and faith. God will bring you through and nobody can stop that from happening. We need to always ask God for forgiveness when we have done wrong. Ask God to help you every step of the way.  Know that he has his hands up on you.  Ask God for help and you will receive it.  Learn to walk with God in your prophetic call. You may be shocked to find out that your ways are not like God’s.