A Christians Guide to Not Being Able to Find a Job in Today’s Slow Market

Finding a job these days can be real difficult. The internet makes your search a lot easier and harder at the same time. For every job that you have found, another person has already applied.  It seems like there is nothing new for you to do.  What can you do to find a job?

Finding a job today requires a lot more than talent. In fact, most people that are looking for work say that they don’t understand what they are doing wrong. They get up every day and fill our resumes. They hope and pray that their phone will ring. However, what happens when the phone doesn’t run or when nobody seems to care that they even applied for the job?

The best thing to do is to start working any job that you can find. If you can’t find a company that is willing to hire you, don’t sit around.  Keep yourself active.  As odd as it may sound, you are going to have to do some odd jobs during your waiting time. These odd jobs may include: collecting scrap metal and trading it in for money (look through people’s trash), become an Uber driver or taxi driver for a while, deliver newspapers for companies, take on a part time job, advertise your services on Craigslist, start a pet walking or babysitting service, become a shopper for people and charge them a fee for delivery.  You are going to have to become your own boss until someone else is willing to hire you.

I knew a guy that once couldn’t find a job and started to mow people’s grass for $10.00.  Eventually, he started his own landscaping business and now earns $70,000.00 a year working for himself. He doesn’t even want a job now. He enjoys his freedom and being his own boss.  For the most part, he is more independent and happy as a person.

It’s important that you look at all the options that you could be doing.  As a Christian, it’s important to remember that God doesn’t always answer our prayer for a job when we want him to.  The Lord is often trying to teach us what we should be doing right now.  Many of the world’s greatest businesses were started because of someone not being able to find a job.  Sometimes, the Lord wants you to work for yourself and you may not even realize it.

If you can’t find a job right now, it doesn’t mean that you are a loser.  It often means that you haven’t come across the right offer yet.  You need to ask yourself if you are a right fit for the job.

I know that in the back of your mind, you are simply saying, “I just need a job to pay my bills.  How am I going to pay my bills if I have no money coming in?”  These are questions that you are most likely asking yourself.

In times like these, you are going to have to trust God and have faith in him 100%.  You need to trust God to provide for you. It’s during these times of struggle that your faith grows the most.  Once you reach a point in which you can finally say, “I trust you Lord with all that I have”, you will find that a breakthrough often happens.