A Christian Prophets Way of Defending Yourself Against Satanic Attacks

When you become a Christian, your life begins to change.  You begin a holy war with enemy spirits from a dimension that you know little about. It is said in the Holy Bible that Satan is constantly waging war against God’s people.  If you believe in Jesus, then you are a direct problem for enemy spirits. Many demonic spirits are out to hurt the Jesus’ disciples.  If you have ever wondered why you are a target, it’s because you believe in Jesus.

Christians know that without Jesus, there is no salvation.  With Jesus, you are saved and carry an important message. Your message is to help saved lost souls in the world that have not found Jesus Christ yet. To avoid problems, you are going to have to ask God what his will is.  You must follow it and expect Satan to come against you.

To ward off these demons, it’s important that you say, “In the name of Jesus Christ, I command you to get out of here.”  Demons hate the name of Jesus.  When someone attacks you that is demonic, all that you must do is mention the word Jesus. You will immediately see their face change. It’s almost as if they don’t want to hear the name Jesus.

I once gave a prophetic word to someone that was giving me a hard time.  I knew that something was off and I decided to go on my gut instincts. I felt that I was dealing with a demon and not a real person. I began saying to the demon, “Say the name Jesus”.  The demon was not happy with me saying that.  It was a woman that I was speaking to in a chat room. She immediately said to me, “I am angry at God.”  I was like, “Wow”.  I couldn’t believe that she didn’t know that she had a demon living inside of her.  The more that I spoke to this demon, the more that the girl wanted to leave.  She didn’t want to stay when I kept on talking about Jesus. It’s almost as if she was possessed and didn’t know it.

Eventually, she left me alone. I knew that demons operate in people all the time. Jesus casted out many devils from people while he was here on earth. The apostles also casted out these devils. It is amazing to see people not being aware of demons using them.  Shockingly, demons can come to you at any time. They simply enter a person and stay there. When a Christian comes around, they want to attack them.

Christians should be aware that the person that you are speaking to, may have a demon living inside of them. If you are experiencing a lot of trouble by someone at your job, you may have to pray for them to have a demon removed from their body. Sometimes a demon is present and Christians don’t even know it.

I once had a client that came to me by the name of Rusty. This man was a bold guy with a level head. He couldn’t understand that a few men from work ganged up on him every single week. It saddened him and I could tell that he was ready to quit his job. He said that he gave himself to Jesus awhile back and wasn’t about to fight these guys. He wanted to end it peacefully.  I told him that he may be dealing with some demons because these guys don’t even realize what they are doing.  He agreed and said that it has been bazar ever since he started working for this company.

Every time that he would go into work, the guys would almost growl at him and give him dirty looks. They would call him, little church boy and angel.  They were never nice to him and at times told him that they wish that he was not even there. These words were so hurtful.

He went into work one day and told them that he believed in Jesus and he didn’t want to stay at this job because of their negativity responses.  At first, they didn’t seem to care. However, he began speaking about Jesus more and then they started to back away and left him alone. It’s almost as if they had to hear the name Jesus for them to see that they can’t mess with that Christian.  Sometimes, we must bind and cast out a spirit on our own. When you are alone and in prayer, it’s important to ask God what his will is. Then thank him for all things and ask God to cast these devils out of the people.

Demons are not always the blame, but on many occasions, they are. It’s important to put your own mind out there and ask others for help when you need it. Ask your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to pray for you and watch these devils start to go away.  Non-Christians are often unaware of the fact that demons can be living inside of them. They don’t always come out screaming and publicly possessing people. Sometimes you just sense their presences and must ask Jesus to remove the demon from that person.