Demonic Forces at Work in the World Today and You May Not Even Know It

Ed and Lorraine Warren were exorcists for the Catholic church throughout the course of their lives.  Terms like: casting out demons, exorcisms, demonic influence and the sort were not looked upon well in the 20th century. Many people considered words like this to be barbaric in nature and not real. However, in the 21st century, we are hearing words like this more and more. We are living in a day in age where people are turning to witchcraft to solve their problems. You can say that Satan is the father of these lies and has deceived millions of people.  People are often turning to tarot cards, Voo Doo, Ouija boards, psychics and mediums for their spiritual growth.  However, these Satanic art forms only pollute the soul and cause demons to enter a person’s life.

I once had a friend that did exorcisms and often investigated haunted houses.  He was a Christian man that found a way to listen to the voices of ghosts on a digital tape recorder.  I am not a fan of this as I believe that demons are the ones speaking on these tapes.  Christian believers should never try to catch a demon on tape, unless it’s to help someone get rid of an evil spirit. Otherwise, you have no idea what you can be welcoming into your life.

Demons are strong, powerful creatures that come from an “Underworld”.  The Bible tells us that there are many of them on the earth. When God casts Satan out of the heavens, they came to earth.  Today, many demons work for Satan. Their main objective is to deceive you and to take over your soul.  Many men and women fall for this and countless millions of people wonder where they fit in spiritually.

I think that the spirit world is full of demonic influences. I have seen these forces for myself. I once had a man that was a practicing which praying against me. As I slept at night, I would feel a demon putting his hands around my throat and choking me.  This was my first encounter with evil spirits. These evil spirits were real.  I had to scream out, “Jesus help me” in order to get these demons away from me. I could barely even say Jesus. However, I knew inside of my heart that Jesus saves the soul.  All demons must bow down to Jesus.

If you are a Christian and believe that a demonic force is “out to get you”, then its best to start praying against them.  Take some holy water and sprinkle it around your home. Sprinkle some on your body as well. Ask Jesus to protect you from these demonic forces.

Once you start battling demons, you will see how much of a struggle it really is.  Being a Christian today takes a lot of time and effort.  You need to spend time in prayer, worship and fellowship with God. Allow Jesus to minister to your heart and show him what your will is. Stay away from any kind of demonic activity. Allow yourself to feel the power of the Holy Spirit.  Ask God what his will is for your life and then go and do it.

Ed and Lorraine Warren have stated that if you have an evil object that you believe is haunting your house, its best to keep it locked up somewhere.  They have said on numerous accounts that you must contain the evil energy or else it will get out and start harming people again. They have an entire museum of possessed objects that once caused people harm.  This couple has performed many exorcisms for people over the years.  If you read their stories, you can see for yourself that Satan is real and so are demonic spirits.  Jesus casted out many demonic forces while he was here on earth.  He gave Christians power to cast out devils.  Pray with Jesus daily and ask him to take these demons out of your life. You may be shocked to find out that demons have influence, but born-again Christians can cast these devils away from people that are being harmed by them.

Giving your soul to Jesus allows you to have protection over you when casting these devils out.  The apostle Paul and Peter had to constantly cast out demons in their ministry.  Part of being a Christian is having the ability to fight against these enemy spirits.  You can do this by reading the Bible and praying.  Jesus said that some evil spirits only come out by prayer and fasting.  If you are battling a demon right now and see no results in casting them out, try fasting.