Are Your Prophetic Clients Driving You Nuts?

What is it about the prophetic word that people are drawn to?  Perhaps it’s because there is an answer for every problem that is out there in the universe today.  If you have a prophetic gift and have used it for a while, chances are you are getting people calling you repeatedly for a prophetic word.  Many prophets these days must face a lot of drama from those that they have ministered to. If you have been given accurate prophetic words for any length of time, you are probably aware that people will call you about the same problem multiple times.  Most prophetic clients have no patience for your words to come to pass.  They often want to keep dumping on you about the same problem.

If your prophetic clients are driving you nuts, then it’s time to take a stand and work against this force.  For starters, you are a prophetic minister and not a counselor. There is a huge difference between those that are called to listen to people complaining all the time and for God’s prophets to deliver someone a prophetic word.  The difference is that your time must be spent with seeking God out for prophetic words for people.  That takes time and is within your anointing. Once you start listening to the meanings and grumblings of the people, you need to take a step back and say, “That is not my area of expertise?”  The reason why I say this is because people often want to blame the prophet for the prophetic word that they have received.  They often want to blame everyone else as to why this prophetic word was prophesied over their life. Often, people are unhappy about ow a prophet delivers a message to them.  The often want to call the prophet repeatedly to say, “Maybe you were wrong.  Maybe the other person/people are the problem.”  Yes, prophets have heard it all. Many prophets spend their time trying to convince someone that what they have heard was indeed from the Lord.  They will often give the same prophetic word multiple times to the same person.  In return, you receive aggravation, anger from the people and questioning your own prophetic gift.  Stop yourself prophet!  Don’t do it to yourself.  Allow God to speak through you and walk away when the word has been delivered.

I have been giving prophetic words for nearly 15 years now.  Over the years, I have learned to allow my prophetic words to come to pass. Don’t pay so much attention to people that are negative about what you do. Instead, keep your relationship with God strong and try to use your words to help people that are in need. You may be shocked to find out that your prophetic words change lives.


Young prophets often make the mistake of listening to people complain about their lives.  They may call a prophet to complain about their love life or about their job.  The prophet is often treated like a counselor.  This will take your time away from the Lord. It’s best for you to seek God out in prayer and to use your gifts when called upon. Only talk to a person about their problems when you feel like it’s not hurting your own life.

Many prophets get stressed out because people often don’t give them respect or care about their words.  Every prophet has gone through stages in their ministry when they wonder, “What should I really be doing?”

The prophetic anointing is grown over time. When a person gives themselves to Jesus, they see things happening that they may never have thought should have happened. Ask yourself some serious questions about your gift.  Talk to other prophets about how they handle their own prophetic ministry. The more that you learn from more experienced prophets, the more that you will see what you may or may not be doing wrong.

If a person that you have been giving prophetic words to keeps on driving you up the wall, take a step back. Let them know that it’s not okay to keep on calling you and asking you the same question repeatedly. I have had to tell several men and over the years to simply stop calling me. I have told them to only call me when they need a new prophetic word about something that I did not already address.  Don’t be the punching bag for other people’s lives.  Remember, these people must turn to Jesus and ask him for help. You are only one branch out of many.  Jesus is the main tree.  You are not the miracle worker.  You are only the messenger.