Has Your Love For God Turned Into a Burning Anger That You Cannot Control?

Michael was an entrepreneur and spent his childhood hoping and praying to be financially wealthy someday.  He had hoped that Jesus would give him a lucrative business and that he would be able to donate millions of dollars to the church.  However, this dream never happened. No matter how much Michael worked, it seemed like he was just an “ordinary Joe” in the world.  His dreams of becoming the next Warren Buffett seemed to be unlikely to happen.

Michael was now 32 years old.  He was realizing that his energy was not the same as it was at 20.  He envisioned his life at 40 being less energized.

In life, we often have expectations of what we want to achieve. When we don’t achieve our dreams, we often ask God why.  Why is something not happening for us?  We pray and ask God for help.  We expect God to deliver on the promises that we feel we are entitled to.  When things don’t happen for us, we ask God why?  Has he forgotten about us?  What is it that we are supposed to be doing?

It is important to examine our conscience as Christians.  We must try to understand why God is allowing something to come our way.  God can only give love.  Therefore, we must conclude that if our dreams are not happening, it’s not because God doesn’t care.  It is usually because we are not seeing things the same way that God is seeing them.

An important life lesson that John had to learn was that Jesus wants us to walk by faith.  Whether it is in money or in other areas of our lives, we are to have faith that God is going to give us what we ask for.

Michael realized that he wanted to be the provider for the needs of people by giving them lots of money. However, he soon realized that the Lord was asking him to take a step back and allow him to be in charge.  The Lord told Michael that he wanted people to walk by faith and to depend upon him for their needs.  People can become rich in faith if they learn to pray and ask God for their needs.  You begin to see that God produces miracles in your life every single step of the way.

Michael turned from being angry at God to realizing that he needed to walk by faith as well.  This is what he had done most of his life anyways. However, the world makes you feel that it’s a bad thing to have to live paycheck to paycheck.  Living paycheck to paycheck is walking by faith in God.

When we depend on the Lord to provide for our needs, we begin to see that its God providing for us and not anything man made on this planet. It is amazing to see the spirit of the Lord moving in our lives.

If you feel like you are angry at God for something, its best to take it up with him personally.  Pray and tell God how you really feel. God is listening. However, don’t expect to get the answers that you are looking for.  We often get taught a few life lessons from God to see the light.  At the end of the day, God is in charge.