Finding Love While On a Missionary Trip


It is hard to imagine feeling completely alone in life after having so many friends and family.  Monique was a woman of strong faith.  Throughout her life, she had always given herself to Jesus in prayer and worship. She always hoped to be able to give her life to someone in marriage.  Her dream was to have a husband and three children.  She envisioned this since her sophomore year in high school.  However, this dream didn’t seem to become a reality for her.  In fact, it was a painful experience for her.  Every guy that she dated in high school and college didn’t stick around long enough to talk about marriage.

As a Christian, it was hard for her to imagine anyone giving her their love.  She wanted to desperately find answers for her life. She often felt like God wasn’t listening to her. She would often read her Bible every day and hope that Jesus would somehow give her a man that she could spend her life with.

After a few years of getting nowhere, she decided that she ought to put her time into something else.  She decided to go into the mission fields for a while. She wanted to desperately end the feelings of loneliness inside of her heart. She imagined herself being amongst other Christians and sharing the truth about Jesus and what he does for the world. She also thought that she could make new friends and step out of her comfort zone.

For some reason, she felt a calling to minister to lost souls in Africa.  Monique applied to a mission’s camp in Africa and was instantly accepted.

Monique managed to raise over $5,000.00 for her missionary trip. She was going to be gone for around three months. Her parents were not all that happy about her going. However, she decided to follow her passion and heart.

When Monique arrived in Africa, she was greeted by a handsome young man that had a passion for Jesus and pastoral ministries.  His goal was to become a pastor.  He felt that working in missions was something that would open him up to working with people that desperately needed love, food, water and the gospel.

Monique felt an instant connection with this young man.  When they considered each other’s eyes, there was love at first sight. They both felt like they could easily talk to each other about anything. They started talking as if they had known each other forever.

As the young man grabbed Monique’s bags from the airplane, they both felt electricity running through their bones.  Yes, Monique said that this could be the one.

Sometimes, the Lord will put us in a situation that will allow us to be completely open to something that he has prepared for us. We often don’t know what that is until we step out of our comfort zone and ask Jesus for help.

The first couple of weeks were tough for Monique. She realized that she wasn’t in America anymore.  There was no running water or grocery stores. The villagers were growing their own food and using their own animals for food.  It was lots of hard work for her. She desperately wanted to return to the United States, but knew her mission was to serve Jesus.

She was getting to know the young man that picked her up. His name was John.  A part of her was also wondering if this man could be her future husband.  They were both in their early 20’s and had a passion for family, missions and serving Jesus.  Was this missions trip supposed to teach he something?

Around the fifth week of the mission’s trip, John began to tell Monique about the strong feelings that he had for her. He explained that he was attracted to her and felt like she could be “the one.”  Those were magic words to Monique. This is exactly what she wanted in her life.

As John and Monique spoke to one another about their feelings, they were given a revelation that they were supposed to marry.  This story seems all good to be true. However, we often don’t know what to expect as Christians. When God opens a door, anything is possible.

When Monique and John returned to the United States, they decided to get married. The informed their families of what had happened and decided to plan a wedding.

The couple were married in 2004 and have 2 beautiful girls. The family is strong and happy.  John did eventually become an ordained pastor and Monique is the assistant pastor of the church.  This became a “match made in heaven.”