You Can Properly Manage Your Time Spent With Jesus Every Single Day

Balancing your life out with Jesus daily takes time and discipline. Did you know that it’s important to ask God for forgiveness daily? To do this, you must set some time aside and just tell God what’s on your heart.  Getting forgiveness from Jesus relieves your soul of any wrongdoing.  In fact, when Jesus forgives a sin, it is gone forever.

We live in a fast-paced world where television, the media, cell phones and other artifacts are literally occupying people’s times.  Most people don’t make room for Jesus.  To make room for prayer and Bible study, it will take more than effort. It will take daily discipline.

I find that spending time with Jesus during lunch or after work is the best way to security prayer and fellowship with the Lord. Often, we have a few minutes to spare during our lunch break to pray or to read the Holy Bible. You also have your evenings after work.  I find that when we get off work, we can sit down and pray. We can often put in 45 minutes or more into spending time with Jesus.  Opening the Bible causes you to feel peace.  The Lord can speak to your heart.  Write down what he is saying to you.

We are living in some troubled times right now.  Christianity is at war with demonic spirits.  The devil is showing that he has taken control of the media and other formats of entertainment. It’s hard to go anywhere now a day and feel the presence of Christ.

You will find that coming to Jesus means that you are at war with the devil.  At times, you will feel like the devil is working too hard against you.  I can bet that he is. However, you have the power to tell the devil to take a step back and to leave you alone. Just say, “In the name of Jesus, get behind me Satan.” The devil will step back because he must down to the name of Jesus.

Use your fellowship time with Jesus to balance out your mind, body and soul.  Once you do this, you will begin to feel like God is with you and he won’t abandon you. It is shocking to see how many people in the world today have forgotten about God and what it means to be a true Christian. Most people say that you can’t even tell who is a Christian and who is not anymore.  The Bible says that in the last days, it will be like the days of Noah.  In Noah’s day, people were full of self-love and doing whatever they felt like. In today’s world, we see a lot of this going on.  You can tell that there is pain and sorrow in the hearts of every human being.  Most of this pain is causes by sinful living and doing whatever you feel like.

To help others, we must pray for them and ask God to intervene on their behalf. The more that you read the Holy Bible, the more you will see that God does help those men and women that you are praying for. Ask Jesus to be with those that are searching and longing for a relationship with him. Over time, the Lord will show you that he is answering your prayers. Building a relationship with Jesus is perhaps the most important life decision that you will ever have. It takes a long time to get to know Jesus because we are constantly getting to know him. As you begin your journey with Christ each day, know that he stands with you and is loving you completely. I have learned that God is in charge.  You can’t do anything outside of his will.