Have You Prepared Yourself to Fight Off Homosexual Spirits in the 21st Century?

Today, it is confusing for a Christian struggling with homosexual feelings.  The “world” and many Christian pastors are telling people that it’s okay for you to accept and practice your gay desires. However, is it okay?  Does the Holy Bible really say that a person should “be who they are”?  Let us take a deeper look at scripture and learn what the Bible says about laying down your life for Jesus.

The Apostle Paul wrote most of the New Testament.  He knew many people that walked out of sin through Jesus Christ. He even knew homosexuals that were once homosexual and then gave their life to Jesus and didn’t engage in homosexual activity anymore.  Please read 1 Corinthians chapter 6.  Paul tells us that these men and women were once homosexual and now gave their lives to Jesus.  Paul doesn’t go into detail as to how they were able to overcome their homosexual desires.  However, he made it clear that these early day Christians could turn away from their sin.

All throughout the Old and New Testament, you will find that homosexuality is always spoken against.  Today, the world is consumed with wanting to be “who they are”.  Generational curses are real and often come out worse in each generation.  If you are practicing homosexuality, it is because the desire in you grew so strong that you can’t help but to practice it.  The lustful urges that you have towards people of the same sex burn within you.  The Bible says that in Romans 1:27, the homosexual men and women burned in lust for one another. This means that their desire was so strong that they could not fight it anymore.  When something burns inside of you, a person often acts out on their desire. It is too hard to contain it anymore.

How can a homosexual man or woman fight a homosexual feeling if they can’t get rid of the lust of their same sex attractions?  For starters, it’s important to understand that all people must repent of their sins when they come to Jesus. Jesus never said that it was going to be easy.  Turning away from your sin takes commitment and a permanent decision making.  Most homosexuals give their hearts to Jesus when they first accept him into their lives.  However, once the homosexual urge begins to manifest itself into the person’s life, it becomes too strong for them to fight and so they often act out on it. Therefore, many pastors today are outwardly gay because their lust burns inside of them.  Only through prayer and reading the Bible can a person fight a homosexual spirit.  Demons are real and they attack Christians every single day. Just because you are saved doesn’t mean that the devil is going to stop sending his evil spirits to tempt you and come against you.

The homosexual spirits are strong because they literally burn inside of your heart. The more that you give into them, the stronger they get. The homosexual spirit is hard to fight because most people don’t recognize homosexuality as being demonic. However, it comes with a twist.

First, the homosexual spirit is passed down from generation to generation. It is often hidden because most people are ashamed to admit that they are homosexual.  A father will often not admit to his son or daughter that he has had some homosexual experiences in his life. Most people are ashamed to admit that they are homosexual to begin with.

When it is passed down to the next generation, it becomes stronger. Whether you like it or not, this spirit is powerful within a human being.  It is also clear that this spirit cannot often be cast out in normal means.  Many Christians try to have people pray over them for the demon to leave and it often doesn’t leave.  Therefore, its important ask Jesus personally how to get rid of the homosexual spirit in your own life.  Some people have more than one homosexual spirit living inside of them.

To fight a demon of homosexuality, you must not practice homosexuality ever again. You must choose to follow Jesus or to live for yourself.  Remember, you will never find a passage in the Bible that tells you that homosexuality is okay to practice.  Everything in scripture speaks out against homosexuality.

Homosexual spirits like to hide and come out when they want you to feed them with having sexual relations with someone of your own sex. Most pastors and Christians today cannot understand homosexuality. The spirits involved in homosexuality are crafty and know how to hide and “come out” when they want to get fed.  This type of spirit likes to get fed regularly.  It forces you to go out to find someone of the same sex to have a sexual encounter with.  If you don’t do what the spirit says, it causes you to feel uneasy and angry.  When someone has, a homosexual spirit living inside of them, it is almost impossible to fight. Only with Jesus can a person win against these types of spirits.

These types of spirits always bring out confusion as well.  They like to make you feel confused.  You will often ask yourself, “Does it mean that I am gay if I am attracted to someone of the same sex? Do straight people find their same sex attractive?  Why am I different?”

These types of demons like to live in a person and often never leave. They are extremely powerful and people often die with them attached to their lives.  Many Christians and non-Christians alike form their identity around these types of spirits.  They will often they are gay and cannot change how they feel.

Please note that all human beings find someone of the same or opposite sex attractive. However, straight men and women do not burn in desire to have sex with someone of the same sex. That is the main difference.  A straight woman can look at another woman and say, “Wow, she is so pretty. I wish that I looked like that.” Her desire will stop there. The same goes for a man.

If you are a homosexual, it is important to put a stop to the demonic force working inside of your life. First, you must never again participate in homosexual sex. If you do, you will only strengthen this demon inside of your heart.  It is important to read the Holy Bible every single day and ask Jesus for forgiveness regularly. Ask Jesus to please cast out these demons from within you and fight these demons every day.  Fighting spirit is not easy. They love to hide and disguise themselves as angels of light.  Many pastors today say, “I am proud to be gay” because they don’t understand what they are really saying.  You cannot be proud to be gay if you read the Holy Bible and know that the Bible says that it’s wrong to be a homosexual.

Once these demons see that you are no longer going to allow them to use your body, they begin to not both you are much. However, don’t be blind to them. They are always watching you and will enter your spirit stronger if you give into them.  Remember, once a person’s spirit is clean, the spirits must find another place to go.  They will keep their eyes on you.  If they see that you are going out and entertaining your homosexual desires, they will come back with other evil spirits and enter your spirit once again.  These types of evil spirits get harder and harder to fight each time that you give into them. Eventually, many people give up all together and give into their temptations and power because they are too hard to fight. Therefore, many men and women today are practicing homosexuality. These spirits are very hard to fight.

To combat these demons, you must choose Jesus or your own desires daily.  Most Christians and non-Christians alike will tell you to be who you are.  However, the Bible doesn’t teach us to be who we are. It teaches us to repent of our sins and follow Jesus. The Bible regards homosexuality to be a sin.

Some days will be very easy for you to fight these spirts and other days will be downright ruthless and nearly impossible. Therefore, so many men and women today give into them.  However, these spirits will also destroy your relationship with God and often put you in positions in which you will get a disease.

Homosexual spirits often work about other evil spirits. They often become stronger when we are feeling lonely and in need of romantic companionship.  The only way to ever completely rid these demons from your life is to show God that you will not give into them. Eventually, these demons will flee from you.  Many Christians living today have found freedom from these demons after years of battling them. However, know that the battle is strong and you are not alone.  Be amongst Christians that can help you to fight these demons through prayer. Find brothers and sisters in Christ that fight these demons and have been celibate from the gay lifestyle for 10 or more years.  Do not spend time with a brother or sister in the Lord that is weak and can easily fall into homosexual practice. Find out about them first before spending any time with them. These evil spirits often confuse people and can lead you down the wrong road.