Looking Back on My Years Spent in the Prophetic Ministry

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 31 years since I asked Jesus Christ to be my Lord and savior.  When I first came to Jesus Christ, I had no desire to be a minister for him.  The thought never even crossed my mind. Before coming to Jesus, I thought that I would become a chef. I loved cooking and baking. I got my first job at a bakery when I was only 14 years old. It is hard to believe that so much has passed by since then.

When a man or woman first comes to Christ for salvation, they often don’t think about the ministry.  I began to think about serving God in the ministry when my relationship with him grew. I wanted everyone around me to know about Jesus. I used to talk to kids in school about Jesus.  I told them how to become born again.  I know that my heart was in the right place.

As you grow in the Lord, you tend to want to ask God what he wants you to do with your life.  For me, it was more of a spiritual calling. I always felt like God was calling me into the ministry.  Before knowing my call to the prophetic, I felt like Jesus was giving me prophetic words for people. I would often catch myself praying for someone and then receiving a word of prophecy for them.  It is always amazing to get a prophetic word for people that you don’t know anything about. It’s a confirmation to hear someone say, “Wow, how did you know that?”

When you allow Jesus to speak through you, people get amazed and feel like God has heard their cry.  It is an amazing feeling to know that you are part of something that God is doing.

The prophetic ministry will test your faith with God.  There will be times when you will ask yourself what God’s will is and if you are accurately hearing him calling you into the prophetic ministry.

Most prophets do not get confirmation from anyone in the body of Christ that they have a prophetic call on their life.  In fact, most people start to feel like God is calling them to become a prophet.  At first, you may start getting prophetic words for people. Sometimes the prophetic words will be of God and at other times, it will not be from God. You must learn how to discern what is from God and what is not.

Prophets must have a steady prayer life with Jesus. That is the only way to allow God to speak to your heart.

When I first started my prophetic journey, I had no clients.  I worked for a fast food restaurant and I didn’t feel much like a minister. People would often ask me for prophetic words and never paid me for my time. I spent many years helping people for free.

When your prophetic ministry first starts out, it is hard financially.  Most men and women in the body of Christ don’t give donations or payment for your work. They simply believe that it’s your duty to share your gift with them for free. At first, a young prophet may believe this as well.  However, as you grow in your gift, you will become more popular. If God is calling you into the full time prophetic ministry, then people will recognize that.  They will call you on the phone and bother you in church. When you are in high demand, the prophetic ministry starts to take over your life. If you are working a regular full time job and doing your prophetic ministry at the same time, it will cause you to become extremely tired.

I started to charge people for my prophetic readings when it became a full-time job.  I simply kept on getting more calls from people and I found myself doing ministry 4 to 10 hours a day.  When your prophetic ministry begins to grow, you must make a choice to either work in your calling or work a full-time job.  You won’t have time once you have a family to do both.  If you believe God is calling you into the prophetic ministry, the Lord will provide for you financially.

A pastor once told me, “Where God guides, he provides.” Looking back on this 24 years later, I know what he was talking about.  When I started to work in my calling full time, I realized that the Lord wanted me to use my gift to help many people. I sometimes give entire prophetic readings for free if the Lord guides me.  I know that I must make a living.  However, I always follow Jesus first.

There will be many times in your prophetic ministry that you will feel like God has abandoned you.  It is easy to believe that Jesus has forgotten about you.  The main reason is because you will suffer many times financially, spiritually, emotionally and in friendship.  It is lonely to be a prophet because most people do not understand you or your gift.

The worst part about being a prophet is that most people will only want to know you because of what you can tell them prophetically.  It is hard to have friends as a prophet.  Once someone finds out that you are a prophetic minister, they often think that you are a person that they can dump on all the time and ask prophetic questions to. You must find balance.  It is important to tell people that you do prophetic readings for a living. If they want a session with you, then they must book a session with you and pay you.  The reason why I say this is because prophetic words are time consuming. I have found that 9 out of 10 people will dump all their problems on you repeatedly. Once they realize your stronger prophetic gift, they will constantly call upon you for help.  It is important for a prophetic minister to maintain balance. Don’t allow people to constantly bombard you with questions in church or in a private setting. Save your anointing for a time that you decide is good for yourself or as God moves you.

If someone is serious about getting a prophetic word, they will support your gift. If someone doesn’t want to pay you for your gift, then you don’t have to work with them either.  Move as the Lord guides you.  The person that is asking you for a prophetic word doesn’t work for free either. You’re a worker and workers are worthy of getting paid.  Your job is no different than a pastor, evangelist, missionary or teacher.  All people that work need to get paid.

If you plan on having a full time prophetic ministry, you must feel comfortable with asking people for money for your readings.  It took me nearly 15 years before I was comfortable taking money for my prophetic work.  I never felt comfortable with asking people for money. However, if you are going to survive in this world, you must be comfortable with accepting people’s money for your work.  It is like any other business. If you are not comfortable with taking money for your work, then you may not be called to the full time prophetic ministry.

Some prophetic ministers can have a spouse that supports them financially so that they can do prophetic words for free.  They don’t have to pay the bills in the house and therefore may not need to earn a steady paycheck. If you are the breadwinner for your family, then you must get paid.

The prophetic ministry is scary at times. You are opening your gift to people that you often don’t know. You open your life up to criticism and people thinking that you are either crazy or hearing from the Lord. Most pastors will not support your prophetic gift. Be prepared to have pastors reject you and your gift. Many pastors will give you a warning not to give anyone in the church a prophecy.  Most pastors are afraid that you are hearing from the devil or trying to deceive people. Many pastors are watchful over their flock. They often want to know what you are doing and why.

When I started my full time prophetic ministry, I stopped going to church and started listening to God alone.  When you are anointed, you must follow Jesus and not the criticism or judgement of others.  If you are being spiritually corrected, it is important to accept correction and change any sin that you are committing. However, if you are not doing anything wrong and simply facing judgment, cling to Jesus. Your relationship with Jesus must be strong. It must not sway with the wind. You must not think that without the church you could not survive in your gift.

Throughout the Old Testament, prophets were constantly rejected and pushed aside.  As a prophet in the New Testament, you must be open to the same rejection.  Not everyone will accept your gift.

Fellowship with Christians that accept your gift.  Once people start acknowledging that your prophetic words are truthful, then you know that you are hearing correctly from the Lord.

You will need spiritual support from Christians that understand your gift and are willing to accept you. Many prophetic ministers start their own prayer groups or get involved with churches and prayer groups that accept them.  It is important to always have someone to fellowship with and who understands your gift.

The greatest blessing that a prophet could have is to have a spouse that loves them and accepts their prophetic gift.  Marriage is a wonderful blessing for any man or woman in the Lord. Fast and pray that Jesus sends someone in your life that could become a marriage partner for you.

Most of the people that come to you for a prophetic word will not be born again. You will often give prophetic words to people that are not of God. We are living in a period where people are falling away from the true faith and are instead following deceptive spirits.

Many Christians today are living in sin and don’t want to hear the truthful words of a prophet. Be prepared for rejection and for people to tell you that you are not hearing from God. The only way that you know if you are hearing from God is if your words come to pass.

A true prophet’s words will always come to pass.  Be prepared to be flexible with Jesus.  Some prophets are more mature than others.  Some prophets can be pastors and teachers at the same time. It’s important to follow God on what you should and should not be doing with your time.  Some prophets work a full-time job. You may not be called to give prophetic words to more than a couple of people a week.  My calling is to give prophetic words to more than 90 people a week.  This is a full-time job.

Be prepared for people to call you a psychic, medium or clairvoyant. Many Christians and non-Christians will refer to you as this because these kinds of words are used on a regular basis.  It is important to be comfortable in your own skin and acknowledge that you have a prophetic gift to help people.

The prophetic gift is not always about bringing warning or edification. I have been assigned to answer people’s questions about all different topics. When someone calls me on the phone, they ask me questions about their love life. Many people that call me want to know if the person that they are with is the right person. They want to know if they are in the right career.  They want to know if they are going to lose or keep their home. I get calls from business leaders wanting direction for their business. These are real problems from real people. Once you enter the prophetic ministry, you must find your place.  Who does God want you to minister to?

Many prophets find themselves called to working with pastors are church leaders. I have been in churches where a prophet would start yelling out prophecies to the entire congregation during service.  Some pastors agree with this practice and others will frown upon it.

Some prophets that I have met before in the past have told me that they used their prophetic gift to warn people of coming dangers in their life.  People often refer to these prophets as prophets of doom.

I don’t think that there is any right or wrong way to give a prophecy if you have a gift. You must allow Jesus to lead you.  Once you do that, you will realize that God is in full control.

I have found that it’s easier to minister to people that come to you for a personal prophecy.  I work with people that seek me out first. I find that it’s much easier to use my gift on people that are open to receiving a prophetic word from me.  I only tell people what I see and not what I want them to hear. I will not tickle the ears of people that come to me for a prophetic word.

One life lesson that I have learned is to not rush the prophetic process. Ask God to show you the way.  Some prophets don’t get to use their gift until they are much older in life.