How to Get Rid of Your Reprobate Mind

You might be wicked and not even realize it.  In the book of Romans, Paul describes certain people as being reprobate.  People that have a reprobate mind can’t stop sinning and are destined for hell.  They lack self-control and love to sin. Sin is anything that God rejects. The good news is that Paul the apostle said that you can overcome a reprobate mind through the power of Jesus Christ.  If you read the book of 1 Corinthians 6:11, you will see that the Apostle Paul says that some people were homosexual and then repented. He says, “That’s what some of you were.”  Before coming to Jesus Christ, these men and women didn’t even know that they were living in sin. However, after repenting and turning to Jesus, they rejected homosexuality and turned to Jesus. This passage deals with homosexual sin specifically.  However, the reprobate mind can be for anyone that rejects God’s word and decides to live in sin.  The verse goes onto say that these men and women that had a reprobate mind were washed in the blood of Jesus from their sins.

To get rid of your reprobate mind, you must first acknowledge that you are sinning or living in sin.  If you read the Holy Bible and a verse jumps out at you.  It is the Holy Spirit speaking to you.  He is telling you to repent of your sin.  We often don’t even know that we are sinning.  Without the Bible telling us, we might have never known.

It is important to make a firm decision on whether you will follow the Bible or your own world views. You cannot serve two masters. You must love one and hate the other. The choice is yours. Following the ways of this world and your own heart will surely lead you into hell.  We are born into this world with natural desires to sin.  The Bible tells us to resist the devil’s temptations.  Since I have already talked about homosexuality, lets address it once again.

The Holy Bible speaks out against homosexuality in numerous places throughout the Old and New Testament. Many people living in the 21st century is practicing homosexuality.  Many people believe that a man or woman is born gay. Even if this was true, it still doesn’t make it right to practice homosexuality.  You may be asking yourself, “Why can’t I be who I am?”  The main reason is because God says that you cannot live in sin.

God says to repent of your sins and turn to Jesus Christ for salvation.  Most people will not choose the way of Christ.  Once a man or woman realizes that they have homosexual desires, they tend to follow a homosexual lifestyle. They often feel that it’s too hard to deny your homosexuality.  Gay men and women will struggle for life with homosexual desire because it’s at the root core of who they are.  No sin is easy to deal with.  However, without repentance and denial of self, you cannot reach the higher levels of spirituality to please God.  The Bible is clear that you must repent to receive salvation.

Last night I was watching a show called, “600 Pound Life.”  I was shocked to find out that people are eating themselves to death.  They have a desire within them to keep on eating and gaining weight.  They can’t stop.  Without a doctor’s intervention, they will die.  Even when the doctor gets involved in helping them, they continue to eat foods that are high in fat, sugar and sodium. They simply can’t stop eating poorly. Many of the patients are around a year or two away from their death.  Eating bad foods have captivated them so badly.  If they don’t turn away from eating bad food, they will die.

Many women that call my prophetic phone line tell me that they cannot stop having intimacy with men.  Most women that call me have slept with at least 10 men before their 25th birthday.  They suffer from loneliness.  They often think that by giving a man intimacy, she will land herself a husband someday. However, nothing could be further from the truth.  To have a husband, a person must first submit themselves to God the father.

Young men and women often forget that the structure of marriage is set up by people that obey God’s will. The reason why a marriage will work today is because two people have decided to put God first. If the man and woman are committed to Jesus Christ for life, the marriage will work. It is mainly because divorce is not an option.  If you follow the New Testament, you will see that unconditional love is required for two people to stay together for life. If a man or woman divorces their spouse, it is not in the will of God. Today, I see many married people living in sin. It is mainly because they want to believe that Jesus will forgive them if they divorce their spouse and marry someone new.  Some people do this repeatedly.  Most older women that are 60+ suffer from loneliness and having no spouse.

I was watching a sermon on television one day by T.D. Jakes.  He asked the ladies in the audience, “Don’t you wish that you would have put up with your ex-husband a little bit longer?”  He was talking to the older women in the congregation that are all alone now and 60 +.  He got so many yeses back from the audience of women that were all alone now.  These women didn’t find another man to be with after their divorce and now cannot find another husband. Many of these women have been alone for 20+ years.

When we don’t do things God’s way, nothing turns out right in our lives.  I have spoken to at least two homosexuals that told me that they didn’t agree with their homosexual practice. However, they told me that I cannot change who I am.  One of these homosexuals were a woman.  She was in 5-year long relationship with another woman.  The other was a man that hopped around from relationship to relationship with a same sex partner. Both were in their 30’s at the time.  They both agreed that it’s too hard to change.  They said that they desperately wanted to live for Christ. They tried to read the Bible and live a Christian life while practicing homosexuality. However, they both said that they found it impossible to do.  For starters, they said that every time that they read a passage against homosexuality, they knew that they were living in sin.  They told me that the Holy Bible condemned them every time and told them to repent. They said that you cannot possibly read the Bible and agree that homosexuality is okay to practice. There are too many passages condemning it.

A reprobate mind keeps on sinning even though they know that God says that something is not right.  With Jesus, you can change. The apostle Paul witnessed it in 1 Corinthians 6:11. He saw people with a reprobate mind change from being a sinner to one that followed the message of Jesus Christ.  He wrote about it.

Jesus never said that change was easy.  He just asked that we followed him and deny ourselves.  Denying yourself means that you are not going to get everything that you want.  When you repent, you feel clean inside of your soul. To repent, you must never go back to your sin again.  It takes a lot of discipline and prayer to do this.

To repent, you must never go back to your sin.  The problem with many modern-day Christians today is that they firmly believe that they can repent and then commit the same sin the next day.  They think that they can keep on sinning because Jesus will keep on forgiving them for doing the same thing repeatedly. However, this thought process only leads you down the path of turning away from God.  The more that you do this, the more you will separate yourself from God.  Eventually you will be living in sin so much that you won’t be able to see truth from lies.  Your relationship with God will also cease to grow. Only those that obey God can have a relationship with him.

If you choose to practice your sin, you have chosen to obey your sin rather than obey God.  Sin will become your master if you allow it to control your life. Homosexuality is not the only sin that is hard to overcome.  I talk to many women every single day that tell me that they cannot stop sleeping around with men.  Many men tell me the same exact thing.  These are people often between the ages of 18 and 50.

I see more teenagers falling into sexual sin more than anything else.  It is so nice to see a baby smiling and cooing. They are safely tucked into their mothers and father’s arms. They take their first steps and you could never think that they could become something wicked when they are older. However, this is how sin begins.

As children grow up, they start acting out on what comes natural to them.  They take actions that they feel are right.  If the child does not come to know Jesus at an early age, they will not be able to tell what is sin and not sin per God’s word.  Therefore, it’s important for parents to teach their children about Jesus as early as they possibly can.

If you can teach your child the ways of the Lord, they will have a better understanding of what they can and cannot do in life.  Many parents today don’t see the need to send their child to Sunday school.  They fail to teach their children right from wrong per Jesus. If you allow your child to learn from the people of this world, they will end up with a reprobate mind.

Please repent today from your reprobate mind. Find freedom in Jesus Christ.  You will be happy that you made the choice to follow Jesus rather than your own sinful desires.