Your Prophetic Calling Has a Special Meaning Behind it For Your Life

Nobody told me that I was a prophet before God called me to the prophetic ministry. When a prophet first learns of his/her gift, they first feel a calling to the prophetic ministry.  He/she begins to feel the Holy Spirit calling them to help people that are searching for answers through the prophetic word.  To find your own prophetic calling, you should first feel like God is calling you to this type of work. God gives every Christian a spiritual gift.  The New Testament tells us that God has called some to be teachers, evangelists, prophets, pastors and apostles.  Many Christians are awesome musicians and skilled laborers.  Whatever your gift is, do it with all of your heart.

Being a prophet is a lot different today than it was thousands of years ago, many prophets are called to giving people personal prophecy.  In the Old Testament, we see prophets like Moses and Isiah giving prophetic words to kings and those in powerful leadership. Today, God is using his prophets to touch the lives of those that are hurting and in need of direction.

When I first got called into the prophetic ministry, I did not know how to be a prophet.  I just knew that this was the gift that God was calling me into.  I always had a love for things that were paranormal or “weird”.  At times, I would be sitting in prayer and the Lord would say to me, “Go tell sister or brother so and so the words that I am going to tell you.”  At first, I was scared to walk up to people that were hurting. However, over time I learned that you must respond to the words of the Lord and do what he says.

Don’t expect the prophetic ministry to be easy. No ministry is easy to build.  Even the apostles didn’t have a bowl of gravy to take them from place to place. They were often left funding their own prophetic ministry as God lead them.  The hardest part about being a prophetic minister is the knowledge that most people will not understand you.  Your prophetic words will often be rejected. Most people with question whether you are hearing from the Lord or from the devil.  Don’t worry about what people say. Your spiritual mission is not to please people. Your mission is to please God.

Most of the people that I minister to are of mixed denominations.  I have learned to not judge people as they come to me seeking prophetic direction. I have learned to just answer their question and tell them what I see. Not everyone is going to accept Jesus as I do. Not everyone is going to acknowledge that Jesus Christ died for their sins. However, people that call me are looking for accurate prophetic words. I have found that my prophetic gift works for people of all faiths. If someone wants me to share the love of Christ with them, I will.  However, I don’t force Jesus on anyone.

As a prophetic minister, you will learn to take each day as it comes to you.  Don’t worry so much about getting the prophetic word right all the time. Instead, just tell people what you see. You will find that your prophetic gift grows as you trust in God and less in people.

People will often surprise you. Many people will lie to you and tell you that your prophecy is fake. Many men and women today are into playing tricks on prophets to try and deceive them or to test to see if you are real. Don’t listen to them. Simply tell them what you see and move on from the situation. I have learned to not worry so much about what people are thinking. Instead, learn to work with the prophetic gift that God gave to you.

No prophetic anointing is perfect all the time. Some prophetic words are of God and others are not. You simply must learn how to deal with prophetic words that are errors.  Don’t look at yourself as being a false prophet. Hearing the word correctly from the Lord takes time, discipline and years of training. Most pastors must complete school degree program before they are ordained. Once they are ordained, the pastor is still learning about people and how to preach properly. It can take years before a person can preach to the people accurately. The same is for a prophet or an evangelist. Never look at yourself as being holier than though because you are a prophet.  Some prophets take on the position in which they want everyone to listen to them because they are a prophet. However, learn that you are called to just give a prophetic word. Don’t look at your status in the church.  Most prophets are not honored in their own hometown anyway.

Over time, the Lord will show you where your prophetic anointing lays.  If you work full time in the prophetic calling, God will provide for you. If it is God’s will, he will open doors for you that man cannot shut.  Your first step is to act out in obedience to your heavenly father.