Creating a Business Plan that Works in the 21st Century and Beyond

In today’s complex world, it is hard to figure out what is going to make your business flourish.  The internet makes it easy for anyone to start a business.  Many businesses are failing because another competitor is outsmarting them with their business plan.  It is hard to create a business plan that works because it often seems like the “big guys” are always taking over small business.

When the Lord calls you into a business or a ministry, he provides for you financially.  The Bible doesn’t say that all Christians will be or become wealthy.

If you are currently running around in circles without any new ideas, it’s a tough place to be in business wise.  You are currently in the “wilderness” and have not seen the promised land yet.  It is important for you to create a business plan and see if it works for you. If not, pray and ask God to show you a vision of what can work for you.

Many business men and women in the world today know how to get customers to buy their products.  Developing a business plan takes time, creativity, patience and prayer.

If you are trying to start a successful online ministry, what is the best way that you can go about it?  For starters, you need to know that the internet is extremely complex when it comes to ranking high in the search engines.  The search engines are also in full control of SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (pay per click).  Not every website will make it to the top of Google. Many websites will fail to get high results in Google.  High results = sales. If you cannot be found in the major search engines, then you are not going to get anyone seeing your products.  If the internet is not working for you, it’s best to seek out other ways to get customers.

It is important to not do what everyone else is doing all the time.  It is important to take your idea to God in prayer. The Lord does provide for all his children.  It is important that you follow God’s plan and not your own. If you get an idea, test it and see what happens. If nothing is happening, try something else.  Many people make the mistake of doing the same thing repeatedly.  They keep on getting the same results and hoping that something will change at some point.  There is nothing worse than doing the same thing repeatedly and not getting anywhere.

Many businesses make the mistake of trying to do what the guy next to them is doing.  The business person often says, “If it worked for them, then it should work for me as well.”  This is not always the case. In fact, many large retailers are failing right now against retailer giant  The CEO’s are often scratching their heads and saying, “How can I compete with Amazon?  I have a website like they do.  I have a good business plan like they do.  I have millions of dollars to invest in the company.  However, I can’t seem to make the same profits as they are making.”

When this happens, it’s important to think of a new business plan and model that could work out best for you.  Write down what you think you should be doing.  If your way is not working, find another way.  Keep on searching until you find something that does work.  Sometimes we must search a lot before we find what works out best for us.  If you are praying, God is listening.  If you keep on trying new things, eventually something will work.

Many ministers wonder why televangelists like T.D. Jakes, Joel Olsteen, Benny Hinn and Joyce Meyers have million dollar budgets.  After all, they are Christian to and can’t seem to even can pay the rent.  The #1 reason why these ministries have made it in a business sense is because they have worldwide exposure via television.  These ministries had humble beginnings.  However, each one of these ministries got blessed in the sense that God opened doors for them to get on television. Television opens an entire world of opportunities.  If you have a powerful message and the media standing behind you, then you will be successful in your ministry. Today, most people turn to television and the internet for answers.

If you are a struggling pastor, it’s because you do not have enough exposure. Your marketing plan is all wrong and you must do something different to change that.  Most churches that suffer must little parishioners in attendance.  If the pastor doesn’t know how to motivate people to get out there and make money for the church, it will be hard for that church to survive.

The apostles didn’t have only one church.  When they preached, they went from city to city.  They didn’t have to pay rent for the church or salaries.

Today, many pastors are trying to create brick and mortar churches that often fail.   Most people today don’t want to go to a brick and mortar church. Most people prefer to go on the internet for church service.

We are living in a time in which you must adjust from the old ways of thinking. In the past, people went to a physical brick and mortar church. Today, people are watching pastors on television and on  People would rather spend their time in a digital format. If you are trying to make your church survive at a brick and mortar location, maybe you are doing it all wrong.

Did you ever stop and wonder why is so successful? I can’t go shopping at an store physically in person.  However, I shop at several times a month because I get great deals on their website. Even Walmart is not as successful as and they are a brick and mortar store.

Is it possible that your business or ministry is not supposed to be a brick and mortar location any longer?  What can you create on the internet that would make people want to do business with you?  What can you offer someone that tis so unique that they would come running to you?

Joel Olsten writes some of the bestselling Christian books on the market today.  T.D. Jakes does as well. When people listen to their sermons, they get help from them.  Both pastors are seen by millions of people every single week? Can you drive millions of people to a sermon that you create on  Many successful people on have millions of viewers.  People love their stuff. When they visit the video, they start clicking on the ads and the person that posted the video makes a commission.  Is your product or sermon so powerful that people would want to view it?  What product idea can you come up with that everyone is going to run to?

We have over 7,000,000,000 (7 billion) people on the planet.  Can you get at least 100,000 of these people to love what you are trying to do?  Maybe the other 6.9 billion people won’t like what you are doing. However, if you can attract some people, they will support you.

Today, it is important to be different and still connect with people where they are at emotionally, spiritually and financially.  Most business leaders fail to realize that they need to be different to stand out.  There are millions of preachers on the face of the earth that preach well. However, they will not be as successful as someone that you see on television because they lack exposure.  Life is not fair, but God is still in control. Did you ever stop and wonder if God wants you to be successful in what you are doing? The world teaches us that God wants us all to prosper financially. However, the New Testament says that God made the poor to be rich in faith (James 2:5).  Maybe God doesn’t want us all to be financially wealthy after all.

Some people tithe every single week and yet are not financially wealthy.  Perhaps it is not God’s will that they get everything that their heart desires.  Once you get to know God and his will for your life, things will start making sense to you.

Once you have exhausted all your attempts for success, it’s time for you to take a break.  It is time for you to sit and wait upon the Lord.  Ask him what his will is and do it his way. Remember, it’s not my will, but God’s will be done.

The #1 reason why any business will fail is because of the marketing.  Who are you marketing to and will this market buy your products?

All businesses fail because their marketing plan is poor.  Many business leaders think that their marketing plan is great. However, if your business has failed or is failing, it is not so great.  Hopefully, you can agree on that.

Last night I heard a prophetic word from a man that wanted to start a ministry.  He got fired from his job and he wondered if God allowed this to happen so that he could start a ministry. A wise prophet told him to get a new job and do his ministry on the side.  The main reason was because he would need money to support the church. Without a job, it would be hard to do anything in ministry. The man was scratching his head and wondered if he should trust God or get a job.  The prophet told him that it’s wise to get a job so that you can support the ministry.  When the ministry is ready to take off, the people will support you in the ministry.  I must agree with the prophet.  Even the Apostle Paul worked a regular job and did ministry at the same time.

It is hard to find people willing to give you money to feed them spiritually every week. There are far too many options for people to get free information on the internet. People today prefer to pay counselors, therapists and even psychics for their spiritual care.  It is because they are paying someone to listen to them dump on them.

Pastors today will have a harder time getting money for their preaching because it’s too easy to get the same message for free on the internet or cable television.  If you are a pastor or a minister of God, try thinking outside of the box.  What can you do today to make money outside of preaching?

People are willing to pay colleges to teach them a skill or idea.  They get one on one attention from the teacher during classroom time.  What can you do as a minister to make people want to pay you for doing a specific task?  This is a question that you need to think long and hard about.  T.D. Jakes, Joel Olsten, Joyce Meyers and Benny Hinn all sell books, tapes, CD’s to support their ministry. Can you write a book that can sell well?  Can you create a product that is original that will make someone want to do business with you alone? What can you create that will make someone say, “I have to do business with you?”  If you don’t know, then this is your problem. Solve that problem and you will have a profitable business.