Can You Still Be a Minister for God if You Have a Sinful Past?

In my opinion, the best ministers are those that lived-in sin before becoming a Christian. Once a man or woman repents, they tend to have an amazing testimony. If you are now saved, you should not be ashamed of your past.

When Jesus Christ forgives you for your sins, you are washed in the blood of Jesus. Jesus forgives you.  If you are called to be a minister for God, it is because God has called you. It is not because of your good works or because of anything that you have done in your life. Instead it is a calling.  When God calls a man or woman into the ministry, he lays it upon their heart to preach the good news to people. Many people find their calling through prayer, fasting, meditation and reading the Holy Bible. Allow the Holy Bible to be the voice that leads you.

You can expect the ministry to be full of obstacles. Satan and his unholy angels will always try and stop you from completing your mission. You will find that your entire life turns upside down when you are a minister for God.  In my own life, I have found that Satan likes to attack my finances and my health.  I turn to God every single day and ask him for protection. Satan loves to make your life a living hell.  He will put obstacles in your path to stop you. You must not be afraid of those that can harm your body. Instead, only obey God who saves the soul.

Many ministers of God have sinful pasts and are often ashamed by the things that they used to do. However, don’t be ashamed of the past. You cannot change it.  Jesus forgives you of your past when you tell him that you are sorry for your sins. Try to let go of the past by constantly reminding yourself that this is not who you are anymore.

If you are still living in sin, then you must repent first before getting involved in the ministry.  If you enter the ministry while still living in sin, your sin will be called to the attention of those in the body of Christ.

Many Christian ministers today are trying to act holier than though in front of their congregation. However, no man or woman is without sin.  We all fall short of perfection and must all stand before God in the final judgement.  Only Jesus can save the soul. It is the only way.