Welcome to Prophetic Meaning

Propheticmeaning.com is a website that offers live prophetic words, prayer and pastoral guidance to our visitors. We are an online prophetic Christian ministry and help people to see the “light” in their period of darkness.  Please note that we help thousands of people yearly.  We believe that Jesus Christ is the savior of the world.  We welcome you to submit a question.  We believe that the prophetic word helps millions of Christians every single year and our goal is to allow you to see that God is truly working in your life.  We thank Jesus for sending you to our website.  Please read through our articles to understand your own life’s situation.

The prophetic word has been sought after since the days of the Old Testament.  Today, Christians are seeking out prophets to give them a prophetic word concerning an area of their life that needs ministering. In today’s fast paced world, Christians are forgetting to spend time with Jesus.  This is not good news.  When this happens, men and women of God fail to hear from the Lord.  When we fail to read the Bible, or spend time with the Lord in prayer, we tend to not be able to hear from God.

Prophet Stephen is the founder of this website.  As a child, he would spend long hours with the Lord in prayer and scripture reading.  He would come home after school and start reading the Bible and praising God.  He did this for around 2 hours a day.  Over time, he began hearing from God about his life.  Over time, he could hear for people as well.  He eventually knew that Jesus was calling him to the prophetic ministry.

Prophets are often called when they least expect.  Most Christians that receive their call don’t understand it at first.  Many men and women say, “How can the lord call me to the prophetic ministry?”  I don’t want to be a pastor. I have heard that story numerous times. When the Lord calls you to a ministry, it is often shocking to know that Jesus is calling us to serve him in the church.  We often feel like we are not worthy.  Prophets often feel the same thing as well.

We created propheticmeaning.com because we wanted men and women to have access to being able to hear what the spirit is saying.  When people get angry and fed up in their lives, they often turn to prophets for help.  It can be difficult for people to see the light in their lives under difficult situations. If you are like me, you probably want to hear from the spirit world.  It’s important to ask yourself what the future of your life is going to be.

Every Christian can hear from Jesus.  However, many Christians don’t.  It is often because they fail to spend enough time with him in prayer, reading the Bible and understanding the Holy Spirit. If you fail to understand God’s word, you most likely will feel like you can’t hear from Jesus either.  It is common for people to feel like everything around them is not going the way that they want it to.

Prophet Stephen often gives over 4,000 prophetic words a year to Christians that come to this website.  You may be shocked to find out that many Christians get prophetic words and are often ashamed that they are speaking to a prophet.  The state of our faith is at stake.  There is a great falling away of Christians in today’s world.  The Christian faith is under attack worldwide.  As Christian’s, we must ask ourselves if we are prepared to get to know Jesus.  Getting to know Jesus may mean that you must avoid social networking websites for a while and sitting with your Bible open a few nights a week. Yes, getting to know God takes time.  When we worship him, your heart and mind get open to him.

Our articles help the Christian community to see the “light” in their situation.   We write about all kinds of topics.  If you have a topic that we have not covered, please send us an email and we will cover the topic.

What We Believe

We believe in Jesus Christ.  We believe that Jesus Christ died for our sins and was raised again.  Anyone that believes in Jesus, will not perish, but have everlasting life (John 3:16).

As Christians, we understand that the spirit of the Lord is allowing us to write content for a world that is in a lot of pain.  Today, people around the world are hurting like never. There is a large economic crisis going on worldwide. Many men and women are dealing with divorce, adultery, dating problems, anger, loneliness and much more.  Christians need to start ministering to the hurting.

If you remember during the 1990’s, pastors used to tell the church to get ready because we must prepare for the future.  We were often warned by prophets and pastors that the world was headed for sin and pain.  We are now in the 21st century and the church is now seeing sin uprising like never.  The free world is allowing sin to run rampant by creating laws that support sinful behavior.  We hope to be able to bring insight into people’s lives and to help them live for God. Living for Jesus is not an easy task.   Once must be disciplined in the faith and read the Bible a lot.  When you read the Bible, you can better defend yourself against Satanic attacks.

Many Christians forget that Satan is a real being.  Evil spirits are alive and well on planet earth.  They are trying to convince many people that God isn’t real.  However, we are here to tell you that Jesus is real and loves you.  Jesus is the son of God and will always be there for you. Remember to say, “In the name of Jesus, leave me alone Satan”, when you feel a demonic attack.

Jesus is With You

Jesus will never leave your side my brothers and sisters in Christ.  Know that Jesus will always be there for you because he loves you. He died for you and when you die, you will be with him in paradise.  Let earth be a time for witnessing to the lost and those that need to accept Jesus as their personal Lord and savior.  We hope that you will enjoy the articles that we have on this website.